Space Clearing - De-stressing

There is not much that derails joy more than stress. 
Stress- depression-anxiety- overwhelm- chaos, all birds of the same feather.
Thankfully, sound and vibrations move quickly and effortlessly through this emotional buildup moving you into a place of calm, ease.

At Blue Sky Services we use the  singing bowls and other vibrational instruments multiple ways.
Dallas is a Tibetan Singing bowl practitioner and has a studio in Federal Way where he does individual and small group de-stressing sessions. 
Visit his web site at www.Happy Heart Singing or contact him at 253-278-1244.

At Blue Sky Services we use sound vibrations in our space clearing sessions.
As stress - clutter- stagnation all move together, we also offer in home de-stressing sessions.
Taking our bowls into your home.  This has a calming effect for not only you, your family, pets and even the home itself.

I often use the bowls, with my coaching clients and sometimes my clutter clearing clients.  If there is one thing I know for sure...If I want to help get someone unstuck, the first place to start is to de-stress my clients!  As a matter of fact the more fun we have the better our work. 

I've seen the bowls do amazing things but this is what made a true believer out of me.
A few years ago, I visited my great Aunt Velma in hospice.  Even though she was towards the end of her life,  she was still very much alert, curious and light hearted.  But on this particular day, when I walked in her room, her head was in her hands.  She was stressed, in despair and just tired.  I asked "Aunt Velma can I play a bowl for you?"  She just mumbled.  And so I began to strike the bowl softly.  Within 30 seconds, she sat up, lifted her head and took a deep breath.  It was as if fresh air had moved into her lungs and she was back!  A little while later I played one of the smaller bowls on her leg- she said" Oh Denise I can feel that all the way through my bones" 
From that moment on, I was a true believer in the power of sound and what it does to both stress and stagnation.

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