Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cleaning is an action not a chemical

When you think of cleaning what comes to mind?  Sparkling surfaces?  Spray bottles of cleaners?  To-Do lists that run long and deep?  Never ending chores?  Freedom?  Bleach?  Little finger prints on your clean windows?

For me, when I think of clean I get this feeling of clarity, freshness, gratitude, openness.  I feel refreshed, at ease and happy.  I breathe deeper, my shoulders drop and my smile comes easily.  I accomplished a project and I see the results- it feels good, I feel good.

I have been a professional cleaner and educator for cleaning and residue free homes for over 26 years.  Through this journey my appreciation for this life long task has evolved from despise ( teenage years) to wonder and awe (now).  I have witnessed over and over again what happens when cleaning goes wrong- surface damage, clutter build up, chemical exposure - even emotional disruptions.  I marvel when I see cleaning brilliance in action: effortless and wise, light and consistent.

The fact is cleaning is an action we will need our entire lives.  And yet, how much time do we devote to actually improving our ability to clean efficiently, effectively and easily?  It seems to me, when we have a chore that requires daily, weekly and yearly energy it is worth learning about. This life long chore can cost you a fortune, make your home sick or leave you exhausted and frustrated.  It is the same chore that when done beautifully can create a healthy, welcoming, sparkly clean, fresh and inviting space.  One way diminishes you the other lifts you up.  hmmmm It's crazy.  Why would we ignore a lifelong task that has that much impact on our lives?

It is partly because we aren't taught to clean.  Sure we learn from our parents, from commercials and from our friends.  I think cleaning is thought of as genetic trait.  You are born with a smart cleaning gene or not.  Thankfully, cleaning isn't a gene and you can absolutely learn to make this little gem shine.

 I have found cleaning to be a minefield of emotional residues.  Did you know the emotional part of your brain is the same part of your brain you sense smells?  We buy cleaners because they smell good to us, they remind us of home, or they smell like clean- bleach, pine sol, lemon, tide.... The scent of clean is a billion dollar industry.

How you feel about your cleaning chores will tell me how much this action weighs on your spirit.  Cleaning is emotional, you have a relationship with cleaning and home care.  And like any relationship it can lift you up or weigh you down.

 The number one question I have been asked as a professional cleaner is ... What do you use?  What product is the magic bullet?  We did restorative cleaning for years.  Everyone thought we must have a mysterious, only available for professional cleaner's, amazing cleaner.  We actually used safer, milder products than most families do.  Most of our products were milder than 90% of what you can buy at the grocery store.

Why... because cleaning is an action not a chemical.  There is a science and an art to cleaning.  The action of cleaning is called TACT.  TACT stands for Time, Agitation, Chemical and Temperature.  Early in our career we learned this simple and life changing formula.  The difference between us a professional cleaners and the average household is we maximized the Time, Agitation and Temperature of our cleaning.... Which enabled us to turn the chemical part into the mildest, safest, most efficient product necessary.  Sometimes- a lot of times our chemical of choice was and is water!!! 

Through the years we created what we call Residue Free Cleaning.  Residue free cleaning is as much a mindset as it is a science.  Focusing your efforts in prevention, using the mildest form of TACT and leaving your home and life residue free.

 Cleaning is a practice, a skill and a science.  Beautiful cleaning is a art. If you feel lost when cleaning, or frantic to get your chores done, if your home must sparkle at any cost, and if cleaning feels like a lifelong sentence then relax, there is help.  Starting in April I will be holding small hands on classes to teach residue free cleaning.  There is no need for anyone to struggle with what could be a life enhancing gift anymore.  Master this skill now and lighten up the rest of your life.

    As always wishing you health, happiness and prosperity on your journey,
    Residue free cleaning specialist and your personal coach

Friday, February 23, 2018

Evolve your cleaning and happiness

Today, I'm sharing with you a new addition to my own personal cleaning system. And yes, after 26 years as a professional cleaner and residue free specialist I'm still learning, improving my skills and upgrading my tools.

This new upgrade came from not the giant cleaning industry by a unexpected source... my mom.  A while back, my mom started raving about her window cleaning microfiber and how easy it was to clean windows: two microfibers, no product, less time and far superior results.  I was interested but I was already selling a commercial line of microfibers and figured they were the best, so I didn't think much of it. And to be honest, although I get the science of microfibers but I wasn't fond of the tacky texture or the lack of absorbing quality.
Thankfully, my mom persisted not to convince me but out of sure happiness.  Those microfibers were making her whole home easier to take care of.  I ordered two.

This past October, I was visiting her when her house cleaner showed up with two microfibers and one floor microfiber- ready to clean my mom's full house! Three microfibers- the whole house!! This got my attention!  My mom, a very good cleaner, has never been happier and spent less time of cleaning in her life.

Those two microfibers I bought?  Well, the other day I realized I had stashed them in my office for safe keeping.  Keep in mind, I had a professional cleaning company for 26 years and had access to the best products.  After much internal debate... I said to myself, Oh for heavens sake Denise, if you love them this much you should share this with your clients and community.  Residue free cleaning is my expertise.   Cleaning without residue, making your work easy and efficiently while doing no harm is what I teach and have done for 26 plus years.  And so I signed up to offer these products to you.

Now in addition to being your personal source to residue free homes, huge time saving tips and ways to create healthier homes but I can also tell you what to use and when.  I can help you save time, energy all while creating a cleaner home and healthier home.

Being able to save time and energy on your to-do cleaning list brilliant!  Creating a healthier home in the process is priceless!  Having a way to make cleaning fun- spectacular!

Lesson for the day: always listen to your mom and when you have the opportunity to make your life and the lives of others easier, healthier and less stressed... do it!!!

If you have any questions, please contact me at  If you would like to try these microfibers for yourself, I recommend starting with the safe haven package.  This is your best deal for getting you the microfibers I love along with the laundry package... FYI- how you care for microfibers is essential.  If you want to add a floor kit in then grab the Just add water package

If you are skeptical- I get it. But do you want to create a healthier home, save money and spend less time cleaning?  I thought so- me too;-)  Keep in mind cleaning is a system and science- learning to make a lifelong chore effortless is worth the time spent learning.  I'll be teaching residue free cleaning around Puget Sound, contact me if you want training or a class taught in your area.

Next Class- Marlene's Market Green Cleaning March 8th, 2018 6:30-8:00pm Federal Way WA
   This class is sponsored by the city of Federal Way and is open to the public

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Improve your decluttering muscles with a tour of Seattle Chocolates

What do you love?  What do you love so deeply that it makes your spirit dance and eyes sparkle?  How do you decide what you truly love and what is only life clutter?

By building exploration and discovery muscles- that's how.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went on a sensory tour of the Seattle Chocolate Factory.

 At the end of the tour a 6 piece chocolate taste test was waiting for us to enjoy.  Our task was simple: taste each chocolate.  What do you love?  Each piece eaten with full awareness and curiosity.  Do I love this?  What do I love about it?  What do I taste?  How does it compare to the other 5 samples?  If I could only pick one, which one would I choose?  
The idea of choosing got me thinking...

Learning to discover what you truly love is an art.  Keeping everything just incase or because you feel obligated is like buying bad chocolate and then filling your pantry with it.

February is known as the month of Love and Chocolate.  I challenge you, not to look at your life full of clutter, but to elevate your senses into a place of playful discovery.  What do you truly love?  If you could only keep one book, magazine, bolt of fabric, craft, appointment, sweater, chocolate bar ..... which one would it be?

  Put order into your sorting process.  Which do I love the most?  By rating your chocolates in order of favorite to least favorite, you build the ability to identify what you truly love.  Keep the top 20%, let go of the rest.

   A sensory tour helps you ignite your discovery muscles. These newly strengthened muscles can be applied to your home clutter, your life clutter, time clutter etc.  Imagine all this because of a little, delicious chocolate tour.... priceless!

  FYI:  When you eat your chocolate savor each bite.  Life and chocolate are best when consumed slowly with full attention.  Let go of what you don't love so you have more time and energy for what you truly do love.
Clutter clearing is TLC for your spirit... keep it fun!

Meet Chis he was our guide into the world of Chocolate
 It was fun, delicious and worth repeating- Thanks Chris!!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Health and Culinary Discovery: Whole Frozen Lemons

Have you heard of freezing whole lemons?  It's new to me.  My curiosity got fired up when I read an article about the multiple benefits of whole frozen lemons.  You freeze the whole thing?  Yes, organic lemons, washed, peel and all.

 I love upping my family's nutrition and health with a simple process. Having grated lemon and zest at my disposal with zero waste- priceless!

Here is my whole lemon freezing and grating recipe: 

4 organic lemons, wash and put in freezer.
Wait overnight or until fully frozen.
Grate lemons
I used my processor to grate my frozen lemons.  It was a noisy process but quick and effective.  I ended up with 1 ice cube tray of frozen lemon grate and 2 quart bags of the grated lemon. That's it!  Easy! Simple! Quick!
The whole process took maybe 15 minutes of my time and smelled amazing!!


I love having ready to use lemon zest in my freezer.
My morning hot water and lemon tastes better- not as sour
I was catching a cold but then it just went away... coincidence? 
No more wasting any part of the lemon! 

3 ways to use the frozen whole lemon grate.

Adding to hot water - for an nutritional enhanced morning lemon water detox
       I'm not normally a fan of lemon water but this has a softer creamier flavor.
Substitute the whole lemon for recopies calling for lemon zest.  I made a delish macadamia cookie
Add to Salad dressings

I'm a true believer in grating whole frozen lemons.  There are big claims on the health benefits frozen lemons.  Such as the ability to fight cancer cells, improve immunity and help in weight loss. I'm not a scientist but I know from personal experience that food has been my best medicine and I believe food does heal.

I recommend you trying it yourself and see what you can do with an abundance of grated lemon.  Experiment, play, research, share and enjoy!!

On this first day of the new year, I choose to spend my time doing what I want to repeat for the new year.  Creating, experimenting, discovering simple solutions, sharing and of course eating delicious foods!

May your New Year be blessed, healthy, happy and prosperous!,

Friday, December 8, 2017

Simple hand scrub for dry skin

Tis the season of dry skin.  Last night my hands were dry and feeling winter rough - catchy.  Catchy - you know when your skin sticks to nylon -silk type material.  Microfibers are the worst. augh!!

There is a simple, inexpensive solution at your fingertips!  Shop your pantry!  I love recipes with limited ingredients and few steps.  This is so easy- in less than 5 minutes you will have soft smooth and happy hands again.

I used my kitchen's organic olive oil but feel free to use Organic: sunflower oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, walnut oil and safflower oils.  Anything you cook with will work.  You are using organic oils to cook with right??
                    Salt &/or sugar
  A fine salt but sugar or a combo of both would have been heavenly as well.  My favorite salts for a scrub are fine salts.  Leave the course salts for cooking.

Directions:  Last night I simply poured a little salt in my hand followed by a little olive oil.  Then rubbed my hands together for 2-5 minutes.  Get everywhere!  Rinse and dry!  Walla the worlds easiest, least expense and most productive hand scrub ever!

I decided to post this recipe this morning when I woke up and noticed how insanely soft and smooth my hands.

Enjoy!  Wishing you the gift of simplicity for the holidays,

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Go to list for staying healthy in the Winter

Hi All,
   As I type this it is raining cats and dogs outside.  Going outside for a run doesn't sound nearly as inviting as it did a couple months ago... and yet...

When I moved to Washington from Colorado, I struggled in the winter months.  The short days, cloudy skies and lack of sunshine created a less light and bright me.  Here are 5 of my go to strategies for staying healthy all winter long

1.  Go outside everyday!  Even if you just stand on your porch- get some fresh air.
2.  Up your veggies and minimize the processed  foods, sugars and over indulgences.
           Your body will thank you!

3.  When you come home from shopping, work, socializing wash your hands first thing. 
   This will help keep viruses out of your home.
  On that same note- always wash up before eating

4.  Stretch and breathe deeply.  Stretching gives you energy and helps keep you open. 
         Both stretching and deep slow breathing open up your lungs and heart.

5.  Lighten up your life- declutter the extras
              Add in a bit more TLC/play/recess/freetime/naptime

Wishing you all vitality all year long.
No need to go it alone
Call me and set up a time to create your own go to list of TLCs.  253-278-1082
Contact Dallas for a deep relaxing sound bath and personal Reiki session. 253-278-1244

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The ordinary art

"The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."
                        Thomas Moore

   How we do is more important than what we do.  One of the most inspiring people I ever met was a man named Kenny.  He picked up the grounds at an apartment complex.  We met Kenny in the early 90's.  He picked up trash and smiled.  Every time you saw Kenny he was happy.  It didn't matter what he was doing, he was happy.  His job didn't define him, his attitude did. 

   I still think of this happy man picking up trash.  Somehow he made his job seem like the best job ever.  He was outside, chatting, whistling, working and being.   

  How do you show up at work?  Or more importantly how do you want to show up at work?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Shifting your perspective of work

Work and play are exactly what you decide they are.

   This spring I gave one of my "chores" over to Dallas.  Mowing our lawn.  As he was mowing and I was working on something else I was thankful and felt relieved not to have to mow the lawn that week.  But a funny thing happened when I walked into our back yard... I missed it! I missed being outside, I missed the smell of freshly cut grass, I missed the feel of a newly mowed lawn.  I missed moving to the rhythm of mowing, the meditative quality of one foot in front of the other. I missed the physical work out. I missed mowing my lawn.  I missed my chore!!

   And it turns out it wasn't a chore all along it was a gift of nature and meditation and accomplishment.  It was so much more than a chore.   It is exactly what I decide it to be.

  The truth is, mowing or washing dishes or cleaning or sitting on the deck, reading, grocery shopping are all things we do.  How we do them is what matters most.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Change your perception...lighten your life

It is said your eyes are the windows to your soul. 
What do you see...when it comes to your chores?

  I'm super excited to share my upcoming class with you.  When I work with clients in my coaching and clutter clearing,  I'm most aware of their energy shifts.  I'm looking for eye shifts, body shifts.  Eyes that light up and sparkle and bodies that tighten and become stuck.  Body movements tell me more than the words spoken.

 Cleaning and clutter clearing are very personal.  How you clean is more important that what you know or the cleaners and tools you use.  It is the energy you bring to the task that means the most.

  Life is too short to let a ongoing chore take any of your spark.  Cleaning and clutter clearing tend either deplete your energy or uplift your spirits.  The task is the same, how you see this task makes all the difference in the world 

Over the past 26 years of working with families and business I have discovered a common thread.

               It isn't the task as much as the perception
         of that task that matters the most

Do you see cleaning as a way to reground yourself, to reboot your  home and create balance in this world?

Do you think of cleaning as a weight, an ongoing and never ending exhausting ball wrapped around your spirit and soul?  

There is no right or wrong answer here, it is only your perspective.  How you think about cleaning or anything will dictate if this task depletes you or gives you energy.

On March 30st, I will be holding a class on this very subject.  "Three ways to make friends with house cleaning"   The principles I will share can be used for shifting any perception. 
( In this class, I will also share tips residue free or green cleaning.)

 My class will be held at Marlene's Market in Federal Way.  The city of Federal Way has graciously sponsored this talk as part of their green home series. Thank you Federal Way

The classes are listed by date- ours is held on March 31st (scroll down)

Does the thought of cleaning as a practice of joy, flow and gratitude sound a little better than heavy item on your never ending to do list?  If so come join me.  

I'll also be teaching this same class for the 
city of Kirkland April 11th!! 


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ounce of Prevention Tip:

The best defense is good prevention.  Keep viruses out of your home is easier than getting over a cold or the flu.  A few years ago when the H1N1 virus was a major health concern, the CDC ( Center for Disease Control) put out a bulletin with their top prevention tips.  I remember being surprised to see washing your hands as one of their top tips.  I expected some brilliant insight of unexpected wisdom but no it was simply:  wash your hands.

Hand washing reminders:
   Wash hands as soon as you return home from being in public.
          Make it a habit of washing your hands as soon as you walk in the door
   Wash your hands before eating
         This includes- eating in the car, fast food restaurants and snacking
    When you wash your hands- wash for 20 seconds
         Wash- rinse and dry

I know so simple and yet when you don't get the flu it's priceless!!!!!

Wishing you all health and vitality this winter!!