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In 1991 Dallas and I started our professional cleaning company.   We cleaned up the world one home at a time.  In the process of cleaning, we discovered residue.  Residue is that muddling, sticky, dulling stuff that diminishes the surfaces you love.  

That’s what we thought for years- residue was on things… but apparently, residue is also on us.   It shows up as dirt, clutter, stress, depression, habits and beliefs - holding on to things and emotions.  It keeps us stuck and diminishes our natural vitality.  Residue is what gets left behind from cleaning, our actions and life.

After 27 plus years and a whole lot of experience we are now your residue free specialists.  We help you become residue free in spirit, in your home, your health and your happiness.  We help you create a home and life that nourishes, uplift and feels light. 

By helping you clean out your clutter, learn how to clean your home efficiently, safely and joyfully, remove toxins, inflammation and disappointments of your lives.  

We get it, life can be irksome.  Thankfully we don’t have to do life all by ourselves.  Living lighter, simpler and free is good for the spirit. 

                                                        Thank you, we look forward to working with you,
                                                                           Denise and Dallas Frakes

Our Services:
Denise's Services:  Home and Personal Coach and Residue Free Living Specialist
Denise's Services:
        Personal Coach:  Nourishing your spirit- cultivating what lights you up- 
                what makes you sparkle and shine.
       Clutter and home Coach: Lighten up what weighs your spirit, mind and body down
             clutter, toxins, inflammation, stagnation, stress etc.
        Residue Free cleaning specialist- products and education.  Home Maintenance- the easy way
              Clean your homes safely, easily, efficiently, effectively and joyfully
              Norwex Independent Sales Consultant
       Home Space Clearing 
                 visit Denise's website here: Blue Sky Coaching         

 Beyond healthy homes- Denise is also a  Certified Transformational life coach and Master EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master.  Specializing in energy work to get your spirit thriving and release life's residues
Dallas's Services:  Sound and Vibrational Specialist, Space Clearing,
 Residue Free Cleaning Specialist

     Residue free cleaning specialist for your home and for yourself.
      Dallas has been using his hands to remove residue his whole life.  The singing bowls and sound therapies are another form of cleaning. He is a singing bowl practitioner and Reiki Master
     Sound and Vibrational specialist.  Dallas uses these ancient sounds of singing bowls, bells and others instruments to help you deeply relax, shut off internal chatter and reboot your day.
     Dallas has been using vibrational and sound therapies for about 9 years.  We now have a studio you can enjoy a personal sound treatment
       visit Dallas's website here:  DBowlguy

Thank you, we wish you all happy healthy homes and families,
 Dallas and Denise           

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