About Blue Sky Services

 Life is full of surprises.  It evolves and grows throughout your life.  It is the same with Business.  Business is run by people and we grow. We, Dallas and myself have been in business for 26 plus years and running.   Over these years, we have evolved into the people we are and just like you we will continue to shift and adjust.

We started out as cleaners- cleaning up the world one home at a time.  In the process of cleaning we discovered residue.  Residue is that muddling, sticky, dulling stuff that blocks the essence of a surface.  That’s what we thought for years- residue was on things… but apparently, residue is also on us.   It shows up as clutter, stress, depression.  It keeps us stuck and wears us out.

Our vision and passion has evolved into a wellness company.  We help you become residue free in spirit, in your health and your happiness.  We help you lighten up, to start to flow and to move again.  Through personal and business coaching, through the ancient vibrations of singing bowls and drums and through inspired writing and classes.  

By helping you clean out the stress, clutter, toxins, inflammation and disappointments of your lives – you get lighter and brighter.   We get it, life can be irksome.  Thankfully we don’t have to do life all by ourselves.  Welcome to the new and upgraded version of Blue Sky Services.  

                                                         We are at your service,
                                                                           Denise and Dallas Frakes

DbowlGuy- Dallas Frakes
     Singing Bowls, Vibrations and sounds to lighten, brighten and relax you from the inside out!
    Relax - Unwind - Reboot using the sound, vibration and the flow of Reiki
       visit Dallas's website here:  DBowlguy

Coaching: Uncluttered - Happy, Vibrant and Prosperous
        Lighten up what weighs your spirit, mind and body down- 
             clutter, toxins, inflammation, stagnation, stress etc.
        Nourishing your spirit- cultivating what lights you up- what makes you sparkle and shine?
           visit Denise's website here: Blue Sky Coaching         

If you are looking for cleaning please contact DA Burns- they will take good care of you.    If you have any questions, feel free to call on us anytime.  253-815-0446  Thanks!!                    

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