Thursday, April 4, 2013

A note left behind

   If you look closely at this antique desk, you will see a little note taped to the right hand side.  This note is actually a poem left behind by my great aunt Velma.

   Over the week of spring, my mom and I cleaned and cleared out her home.  She passed away in January at the age of 103.  My Aunt Velma was no ordinary lady.  This note gives a hint of her wisdom.  Knowing we would have to sort through her long kept things, she left us a note with sorting instructions. 

  On day three of cleaning out, we discovered this poem taped to this china/desk.  At the time my mom and I were sorting through and being overwhelmed by the historical, antiques, heart felt and precious my great aunt had left behind.

    Poem found March 28, 2013
  Long Kept Things
I would be glad of fingers
Not too ruthless
But impersonal
Would weed out little keepsakes
I have kept for years
Scrapbook poems
Letters, useless gifts
Once dear with sentiment
Greeting cards
And other bits of old remembering

I have no need of them
They clutter up my desk
But one I start
To clear them out
And pause to look at them
My hands are stayed
Nor can I bring myself
To throw one singe thing away!

I would be glad of fingers
Tender but impersonal
Would throw my little
Long Kept Things
Of all the wonderful things my Aunt Velma left behind, it is her wisdom and my memories that I hold the dearest. My favorite line of this poem is "my hands are stayed" isn't that wonderful??

 As always wishing you a health, happy and wise home,