Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Does cleaning contribute to prosperity?

 Is there a correlation between a well kept home and prosperity?  I'm going to give you my 25 years experience plus two cents on the subject and let you decide for yourself.

  The shift of how a home or room feels after a deep and through cleaning is almost palatable.  The rooms are clearer, fresher and feel expanded.  I breath deeper- I think we all do.  My mom and I have had countless conversations about how a good cleaning uplifts our spirits and seems to calm our anxieties.  After so many years in the cleaning business, doing my own personal cleaning and helping others "clean out" I no longer question the shift a good cleaning gives, but is prosperity another bonus to a well kept home?

   If I ran a bar or a gambling business chances are my accounts receivables would need constant minding.  Checks would bounce; payments would get lost in the mail or be eaten by the family dog.  I don't have such a business, I have a cleaning business and I have no accounts receivables problems.  After over 23 years of running a cleaning business I think we have only had 2-3 jobs that never got paid!  This is unheard of in other businesses where cleaning isn't the service.   

   Maybe we are just incredibly lucky, which I truly believe we are, but there is more than just good fortune at work here. Our clients are thoughtful, prosperous and pretty organized.  They take care of their homes, families and surroundings.  And they take care of the companies who take care of them.  Are our clients and friends prosperous because they take care of their homes or is having a well cared for home part of being prosperous?

  It's probably a little of both (plus a lot of hard work, persistence and wisdom).  When our homes are clean and well organized we are calmer, waste less time and almost always save money- by not buying twice.  On the flip side, maybe because we are prosperous, we appreciate and treat our blessings a little more thoughtfully. Perhaps our mindset is one of gratitude for what we have earned and received.

  In the art of Feng Shui, having a clean and de-cluttered living space is fundamental to having healthy and vibrant energy flow.  If you have energy and flow in one part of your life...maybe it truly does carry over into other parts of your life.  And when you are prosperous in your work, maybe this energy carries over into all parts of your life.  

 This summer, if you want to add a bit of prosperity to your life consider adding a splash of cleaning, a dash of gratitude, a smidgen less stuff and see what flows your way. 

As always, wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous home,