Friday, May 24, 2013

It is the little things

I'm taking a pause from my inbox to say thank you!  A few minutes ago a new customer called and said they had heard about us from a neighborhood blog.  One of our clients posted a very nice recomendation of our company.  A kindness like this is so much more than business, it touches our hearts. 

It is hard to say what drives most businesses but I would guess if is like ours, our business is an extension of our family.  We give our time and energy to do our best and when someone takes a moment to notice the TLC we give, it feels so good.

This past week, I found myself at a hospital waiting and wishing for a good outcome.  Over the course of 3 days, my step mom and I were so touched by others just "doing their job".  We got coffee and there was a charming and joyful staff singing, smiling and bringing us some much needed joy.  There was a young man at the hospital we asked for directions. It seemed like if he thought it would help, he would have carried us to the other side of the hospital!!

You know sometimes you feel so supported and protected in life.  Often these moments come from complete strangers and new acquaintances.  It reminds me to remember how each contact, no matter how fleeting can have a lasting impact on a day and on a heart of someone else.

So for whomever wrote that thoughtful blog about our company- thank you!!!  And to the coffee staff and helpful hospital employee thank you, you have no idea!!!

  Wishing you unexpected blessings along your way,