Monday, June 17, 2013

A reminder that less is usually more...

Less is more....

This week we got a new dishwasher, a long awaited improvement to our kitchen. Our poor little dishwasher was long past its better days.

The first few days of a new appliance are critical. Your motivation, need and even curiosity are all the all time high. If you don't read the instructions now, unless there is a problem, they will sit in every home's  instruction/warranty collection.

Our new dishwasher cleaning instructions said: 1-3 tablespoons of detergent per load. 1 is the normal and recommended. Up to 3 tablespoons and only for heavy duty cleaning.

Do you know how much 1 tablespoon of cleaner looks like in your soap dispenser? In cleaning, we figure if one glug is good 2 or 3 glugs must be better... right? Nope!

The 2-3 or more glugs means you are usually wasting both cleaner and money. Not only that but when you overuse your cleaners, there will usually be cleaner left behind and you will need to spend future time chasing your cleaners and trying to remove them the hard way.

This week, look at your manual for your dishwasher, read the instructions. Use the recommended amount- no more. Measure out what 1 tablespoon actually looks like in the soap dispenser.

Not only will your machine work at its best but you will probably be cutting your dishwasher detergent costs by 3-4 times!!

 Next time you start glugging, pause and read the directions of both cleaner and appliance. You will find a huge money savings, more effective cleaning and less waste in products manufactured, shipped and disposed of.

Happy cleaning,