Monday, July 7, 2014

The unexpected discovery from hard water deposit experiment

   Have you ever stumbled upon an unexpected gift while searching for something completely different? This is what happened to me.  While trying to find a solution for our clients, to prevent hard water deposits in showers, I got a huge bonus.

    In our business, we clean a lot of showers and hard water deposits go hand in hand with showers.  Those deposits have an irritating habit of just hanging around, drying up, leaving white deposits and then bonding to soap to create a lovely little chemical bonding called: soap scum!!  

   Was it possible to prevent or at least minimize those pesky hard water deposits?  We tried a test at our own home.  We purchased a shower filter, installed it and waited to see if it would work.
   What happened next was an unexpected gift.  

    Let me back up a bit.  For years, I had dry skin on my hands-in between my knuckles.  And if you know me, you would also know I tried pretty much everything (healthy) I could think of to get rid of my dry skin. I took omega 3 oil.  I ate avocados, flax seeds and walnuts. I drank lots of water and I put on lotions, oils and I still had dry skin.  Until...drum roll... we tested the water filter to remove hard water deposits.  

  The filter we use is also designed to remove the chlorine.  After, less than two weeks of using this filter, my dry skin disappeared.  And to this day, I have not had one bit of dry skin between my knuckles.  Unless, I use a high alkaline soap/cleaner but that story is for another day.

  I am not a shower filter expert.  The only thing I can share is what I have used.  And by the way, shower filters are not very pretty. A shower filter is just a filter that goes between the wall and your shower head.  But with all the products we use for beauty- this little not so pretty addition, is a good addition.  I should also mention I also noticed an improvement of my hair and all my skin.

   I don't know if you will get the same results I did but I have a hunch if you are sensitive to chlorine as I probably am, a good shower filter might prove helpful.

  And to answer our original question, would a filter prevent hard water deposits? I'm pretty sure it does.  We don't have any noticeable hard water deposits in our shower, but we also rinse, dry each day and don’t live in Gig Harbor- which is notorious for its hard water deposits.  I also can tell you this, if I did live in a home with an abundance of hard water deposits, or if we were on well water, or if I had dry skin I would give a good shower filter a try. 

 As always, wishing you a healthy, happy and residue free home.

  If you would like more information on the shower filter we use or how to get one, please just give me a call or e-mail me.

A simple but effective method to clean up life's little messes

  Life is abundant and sometimes abundantly messy.  Finding safe and effective ways to clean up life's little messes is the topic for today's conversation.  Recently, we were cleaning for a client, N.O. (our client). While at her home, she shared with us her brilliant way of cleaning up kitty surprises.

 Even though this recipe was specifically used for cat pee, I believe it would work equally well for puppy pee, baby pee or probably any other spill or leak your home may be blessed with.  

  Carpet spills are deceptive.  What you see is not always what you have.  If the visible spill is the size of a tennis ball- chances are it is 5-10 times larger on the backing of your carpet.  It is like magic but not the good kind.

  Over the years, we have found a lot of spotting usually leads to a lot of residue left behind. When we clean, our hot water reactivates the spotting residue and we become surrounded by dense patches of soap/foam. 

    This soap residue is not what you want!  It will attract more soil, it will become food for bacteria and you most likely still have some of the original spill/leek left behind.

  Thanks to this recipe,
from N.O, we think you will be amazed at what a beautiful and effective job can done to clean up life’s little surprises, leaving nothing behind!!!  Love it!!!
         N.O.'s Recipe for pee clean up (or most any other spill)

1. Find the spill/spray/pee spot- the sooner the better!! 
    Hint: Try not to accidentally step in fresh spill when stumbling out of bed first thing in the morning.

2. Blot up as much as possible
    Press down on spill with very absorbent material such as...
             paper towels, terry cloth, diaper etc
Hint: Do not rub fabric back and forth - you will damage the carpet fibers

3. Spray spot with either club soda or fresh water
      N.O. said the original recipe was to use club soda- which she used for a while but then just switched to water and hasn't noticed much difference.           

   Hint: There is a bubbling reaction with the club soda and baking soda- you may want to try both ways.

4. Next cover spill with baking soda 
   N.O. puts enough to completely cover carpet so you can't see the carpet any more.
Hint: Let the baking soda completely dry. 
       The pee/spill will travel up into the baking soda/water mixture and out of your carpet!! 
5.  When your baking soda is completely dry - vacuum it all up - completely. 
Hint: This process may need to be done a couple times for big spills.

Why I like this recipe... 
   * Baking soda is usually already in your pantry, deleting the need for a special cleaner
   * Baking soda is a non toxic- mineral with a pH of about 8.5
   * The spill gets wicked out of your carpet instead of absorbing into the pad
   * Baking soda is wonderful for absorbing moisture and odors
   * There won’t be any residual soil attracting soap/foam left behind

Good luck with life's little messes.  May the abundance of joy and love you receive from your messy family far outweigh any unwanted residues left behind!

As always, wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and residue free home!

Note:  I'm using our client's initials N.O. because I want to give her full credit but do not want to publish her name all over the world. 

            On behalf of all families with little messes we thank you N.O.!!!!