Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finishing Touches

    As I type, we are deep into the final touches of this year.  Doesn't that sound good "the finishing touches"?   It sounds as if we were all artists just putting the last few brush strokes onto our masterpiece.  Is that how the end of the year feels to you?  I can't say that is how I'm feeling but isn't that an inspired thought?  To finish the year as if we created art.  Instead of lost in our holiday to do list or feeling any regrets of this year, all we have yet to do is to simply and with great finesse, touch up the finale!

If I were to think like a creative artist, what would my final touches of this year be?  When I started writing a few minutes ago I really had no idea where this was going... until now.  As I type, I know exactly what my finishes touches are...

To say thank you.  There is a feeling a deep gratitude filling my soul and this is what I wish to add to the art I have created this year. Thank you!!

As always I wish you all happy and healthy homes.  And may I add - amazing final touches to your year's masterpiece!!

With Deep Gratitude and wishes of Happy Holidays,


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thank you Puget Sound Energy!

    We hope this blog finds all our NW neighbors and friends safe and dry.  What a storm we have been having!  Our own electricity was out for 24 hours.

     Last night, as we were getting ready for bed our home was still dark.  Outside we heard a PSE truck and I thought, what a night to be climbing up electrical poles, in the howling wind, pitch dark and pouring rain!

   In the discomfort of no power, it is easy to press our electrical companies to get us back on line.  But what a task they have!  The weather is usually tough, the hours long and I'm sure they are pressed to their max to get us all back on.

   So thank you to the men and women at PSE for all your overtime and harsh working conditions!!
 It is a privilege to live in a place where having electricity, indoor plumbing and where hot running water is the norm.  Being periodically reminded of this gift is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Wishing you all happy holidays, safe and warm homes,