Tuesday, January 21, 2020

3 Prevention steps to minimize risk to viruses.. even the Wuhan Coronavirus

  Remember a few years ago when we had a scare from the H1N1 Virus?  News of a new virus headed our way is unsettling at best.  Thankfully, fear of the unknown is usually worse than reality.
   Still, I remember getting a report from the Center from Disease Control (CDC) on our best prevention steps. It was so simple and yet so effective. Today's news of the novel virus from Wahun China, reminded me of that report.

The CDC had this recommendation:  Wash your hands
I was shocked!  Really? Wash your hands! That's their report?
      I know, it sounded too simple.  Prevention usually does. It works

1. As soon as you come home from being out in public... wash your hands. 
 this simple act stops potential viruses and germs from entering your home
Since that original CDC report, I have made washing my hands as soon as I get home a habit 

2. Before you eat...wash your hands.....
     We are so used to eating on the run, out of our homes and in-between.  When was the last time you sat down at a meal after you has washed up for dinner?  This old practice had a reason for existence.

3. After getting your hands dirty..
    If you have been out digging in the dirt, blowing your nose, going to the bathroom, using your cell phone, touching your remote control, computer screen... wash your hands.  
Also, clean high contact areas (door knobs, cell phones, faucets) and most used items

    Here's the thing, whether you are talking about cleaning or your health- prevention is more powerful and hurts less than restoration.  Residue free homes start with prevention for a reason.  I believe in creating healthy homes and healthy bodies.  If we spent 90% of our time in prevention practices and habits...much of our restoration work would be unnecessary.

 Here are a few more preventative steps to build your immune system 
Get your zzzzz's
7-9 hours of sleep 
Bring fresh air inside...and... go outside and get some fresh air
 while your at it, go easy on artificial fragrances and disinfectants 
Use food as your medicine
If you feel sick... stay home and see a doc
 Don't spread your germs around town
 exercise does a body, mind and soul good
warm water, lemon water, ginger tea
 focus on high contact areas such as 
          door knobs, cell phones, faucets, light switches, TV remotes, handles, computer screens
Relax, smile and breathe slow and deeply

Here are a few things to reduce and build your immune system
    Reduce White Sugar and white flours and highly processed foods with little nutrition
 I'm talking white- highly processed- eat real food
   Stress- reduce your stress, stressors and toxins
    Reduce electronics in the bedroom
 cell phones, TVs, computers etc.  Keep at least 6 feet from your bed
   Reduce over filling your schedule
    Take it easy and relax sometimes
Much of theses lists are simple habits. 
 Habits that create healthy homes, lives and can prevent illness. 
 Healthy doesn't have to be complicated. 

Prevention does need to become intentional though. 
It's easy to grab a bag of chips or a fast food meal and start eating.  
Pausing to nourish, to wash your hands and eat slowly...takes some practice.

  We don't have control of what happens around the world but we do have control of what we do. 
 By focusing on what we can do like creating healthy habits and doing some easy preventative actions we can relax.  

Stay happy, as you stay healthy,
       Denise Frakes
             Transformational life & Nourishing home coach... at your service


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Habits of Happiness ... or Habits of Ruin?

Have you ever considered home chores as habits?  This is the kind of stuff I ponder every day.  Why do we do what we do and is there a better way?  Last night I did a presentation on clutter for the city of Federal Way.  Most of my talk was on habits...because....

The Habit Poem
I am your constant companion

I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure
I am completely at your command

Half of the things you do, you might as well turn over to me 
and I will do them - quickly and correctly

I am easily managed- you must be firm with me
Show me exactly how you want something done
and after a few lessons I will do it automatically

I am the servant of great people
and alas, of all failure as well.
Those who are great, I have made great
Those who are failures, I have made failures

I am not a machine though
I work with the precision of a machine
plus the intelligence of a person

You may run me for profit or run me to ruin
it makes no difference to me

Take me, train me, be firm with me, and 
I will place the world at your feet

Be easy with me and I will destroy you.

Who am I?  I am Habit.

Author unknown

By shifting our habits we create our future.  For some, the daily grind of caring for a home becomes a depleting burden... by shifting our habits we can take what we thought of as a chore and turn it into a practice that works for us. 
Life is precious.  Let your habits work for you.

Action:  Notice what you do, how you think about your home? What habits do you have?  This is where I can help.  We rarely see ourselves.  It's a blessing and curse.  By having an outside and kindly soul help you see, you get to start shifting and creating a life and home you love.

     happy habits...lead to happy lives,
          Denise Frakes
               Home and life coach at your service

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Use your chores to make your New Year's Resolutions stick

  I know I've talked about our chores as a gold mine of possibilities before... for years.  As this new year cycled around I read that the average New Year's Resolution only lasts 18 days.  Not only that but we keep repeating those same resolutions 10 times with no success!  I was lightning struck!

    A friend of ours was at the gym the other day. Normally, gyms are notorious for being packed with New Year's Resolutions... not this year. It was empty. I think we are giving up.  We know new years resolutions don't work... And they don't...unless you give them a home. 

Don't give up on your dreams.  Dreaming is essential to being alive
For our New Year's Resolutions to succeed...we need to think habit. 
We need to give our dreams a home

   It doesn't matter how busy we are …. we all have habits.  One place we overlook as a help is our  home habits, life chore habits... These old chore habits can give us the space, time and focus we need to create the life we dream of.  One secret to making a new habit attach it to an existing habit...

Did you know...
  "On average 40% of all daily human activities are habits"
And from of a study of 50,000 American families - 
Our habits are pretty much set by the time we are 9 years old!
                                                           Tom Corley's Book: Change your habits, change your life

Habit:  consistent and persistent practices, routines and tendencies
 done overtime that become automatic

Our success and failure are dictated by our habits. 
   Healthy habits uplift our lives bringing us happiness and success 
 Poor habits throw us under the bus causing stress and failure

What does this have to do with resolutions and chores?  Everything!!!!! 
Our probability of sticking with a New Year's resolution is more about our habits than our will power..

     We are creatures of habit.  

Three ways to let your chores...support your dreams

Realize we have a gold mine of existing habits in place.  We have space to create new habits.  
Use our ingrained healthy habits as triggers to create more healthy habits.

 Take your dreams and simplify them into daily bite sized actions 

Attach these daily actions to a current habit..  Stay consistent with an action toward your goal for at least 66 days and wala…  
your chances of actually seeing your dream come into reality... sky rockets!

Start Here:  First we have to notice our own habits.  What is familiar is lost to us.. 40% of our actions are unconscious- habitual actions.  For 2-3 days simply notice your own habits.  Ask questions... Notice...What do you do everyday?  Which habits are brilliant, supportive and which are un-necessary or even detrimental to the life you dream of?  What do you do at specific times of day, when you wake up, get home from work, after supper?  Pick a habit that works and add your new habit to this one. Keep it simple, doable in any weather and life happenings.

Happy New Year!  
    Denise Frakes  Life and Home Coach for Creating Space

FYI:  If you want to hear more from me, hire me to speak or as your own personal coach. Buy products or books (if they support you) through my site (I'm an affiliate of Amazon and sell Norwex)  Please share my posts and let me know how your doing.   We are here to work together- thank you and happy New Year!