Monday, January 1, 2018

Health and Culinary Discovery: Whole Frozen Lemons

Have you heard of freezing whole lemons?  It's new to me.  My curiosity got fired up when I read an article about the multiple benefits of whole frozen lemons.  You freeze the whole thing?  Yes, organic lemons, washed, peel and all.

 I love upping my family's nutrition and health with a simple process. Having grated lemon and zest at my disposal with zero waste- priceless!

Here is my whole lemon freezing and grating recipe: 

4 organic lemons, wash and put in freezer.
Wait overnight or until fully frozen.
Grate lemons
I used my processor to grate my frozen lemons.  It was a noisy process but quick and effective.  I ended up with 1 ice cube tray of frozen lemon grate and 2 quart bags of the grated lemon. That's it!  Easy! Simple! Quick!
The whole process took maybe 15 minutes of my time and smelled amazing!!


I love having ready to use lemon zest in my freezer.
My morning hot water and lemon tastes better- not as sour
I was catching a cold but then it just went away... coincidence? 
No more wasting any part of the lemon! 

3 ways to use the frozen whole lemon grate.

Adding to hot water - for an nutritional enhanced morning lemon water detox
       I'm not normally a fan of lemon water but this has a softer creamier flavor.
Substitute the whole lemon for recopies calling for lemon zest.  I made a delish macadamia cookie
Add to Salad dressings

I'm a true believer in grating whole frozen lemons.  There are big claims on the health benefits frozen lemons.  Such as the ability to fight cancer cells, improve immunity and help in weight loss. I'm not a scientist but I know from personal experience that food has been my best medicine and I believe food does heal.

I recommend you trying it yourself and see what you can do with an abundance of grated lemon.  Experiment, play, research, share and enjoy!!

On this first day of the new year, I choose to spend my time doing what I want to repeat for the new year.  Creating, experimenting, discovering simple solutions, sharing and of course eating delicious foods!

May your New Year be blessed, healthy, happy and prosperous!,