Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Residue Free Cleaning - push the easy button

Residue free is essential to a healthy home and easy cleaning.  Just incase you are new to the idea of residue free cleaning...I've posted the reader's digest version- scroll down to see the basics. 
But first enjoy my first video on residue free cleaning!!  

Residue free cleaning in a nutshell 

1.  Prevent future work!
            Take off your shoes, wipe down your showers, open windows, pick up, 
               wipe up and put away as you travel through your day

2.  Always start with the mildest means  
          Use the simplest, most effective way to remove soil/germs/dirt - start here!!!
          You can always work up to the big guns in needed... 
                        hint... disinfectants, bleaches, solvents are big guns
                        hint... microfibers, water, and mild neutral cleaners are  effectively mild means 

3.  Leave nothing behind... not chemicals, no soil, no polishes, no creams … nothing
            Products left behind can lead to more work, they cross contaminate and
                   add work, toxins and muck to your day.
            If you are going to leave anything behind as you clean... let it be love