Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cleaning Friend or Foe?

 This morning a poem popped into my head before I even put my feet to the floor.  I'm on my way to hold a cleaning class.  Last night I was thinking about cleaning.... apparently even in my dreams;-) After 27 plus years, cleaning has turned into more of a philosophy than chore.  
  How we treat our chores will tell us much about who we are... enjoy

   Friend or Foe?

Cleaning is your life traveling partner
She will become what you ask

You can think of her as a dreaded chore
Or a partner and friend

Treat her poorly and your life will crumble
Treat her with love and your spirit will thrive

You can give her an honored space in your life
Or you can stuff her in a dark closet, throw rags and toxins at her

You can desert her but only for a while
She needs care, but she doesn’t need fussing

She will warm your hands and soul during the dinner dishes
She will give you something to do when you lose your way

She will watch you throw your shoes in the closet
And she will smile as you gently place them there too

She watches sadly when you struggle and dances when you thrive
She can turn your home into an oasis or into a prison

She is a meditative practice
She is space to ponder

She will travel with you when you celebrate
She will be there when you cry

She is simple and nourishing
She can feel exasperating and perplexing

When treated well she will give you clarity and wisdom
When treated poorly she will muddle and tangle you

She is essential
She is steady

She asks for very little.
She will bless your home when thanked and loved

She is your traveling partner in this life
Treat her well and she will make your life sing

Make your choice- friend or foe?
Discover her magic and or live in her sorrow

Denise Frakes  cleaning poem from the wee hours of July 29- 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 find your joy

Breathe in....Breathe out

Buy beautiful materials.....Create

Gather ideas... Give them wings

I think we get stuck.  We have an abundance of resources in our country.  We are rich and yet we are also poor.  Because we have the gift of abundance we can forget there is always a balance to life.  In getting there must be a release. 

Clutter clearing isn't about deprivation it is about balancing and completing the cycle.  We can't just breathe in...we need to release and breath out.  It is on the out breath that we find happiness.

Inhale....Exhale...Inhale...Exhale... Ahhhhh ;-)

       Wishing you joy in your completions, your releasing and the epiphanies and blessings that come from both

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Emergency surgery and hot water

About 5-6 years ago, we lost power after a big snow storm. After 4 days with no hot water or heat in our home, I was chilled to the bone.  When the power returned I remember plunging my hands into the hot soapy water and dirty dishes.  I was happy in a soapy sink of gratitude.

I pledged not to take hot water for granted and try to be thankful.  Throughout the years, most days, as I do the dishes or take a shower, I think of that moment of gratitude and warmth.   I don't spend much time with the thoughts of gratitude but they do appear.  I feel nourished, grounded, calm and thankful.  Such a little thing, I didn't think much of it until last Saturday.

 Saturday my husband and I found ourselves at the hospital emergency room. It was 2:30 in the morning.  Dallas had just arrived via the ambulance.  He was soon to be headed for emergency surgery.

 Dallas was in pain, I was helpless and stressed.  I needed to stay calm for both our sakes.  Who know a simple practice I had picked up would come to my rescue. 

While we waited in the emergency room I had to go pee.   When I washed up I felt the warm water hit my hands and my whole body relaxed.  Instantly, I felt grounded and safe.  I was grateful and calm.

  Somewhere along the way, I had turned a daily chore into a trigger to become present, grounded and thankful.  I don't know when it happened but it is absolutely there.

As for Dallas he is healing up very well.  Thank you to all the well wishes and support that have come our way. 

When gratitude becomes a daily practice they just might show up in unexpected places.

Thank you to everyone at CHI St Francis who cared for my husband and for hot water.