Monday, October 22, 2012

Resources for Green Cleaning and Healthy Homes

Today, we have at our fingertips zillions of amazing resources.  On the 29th of Oct I'm giving a class on green cleaning for the city of Federal Way.  Anyone who knows me or as ever heard me speak, will attest, I'm just full of information.  Some of this information is even useful:)

For this particular class, I can only speak for 1/2 hour!!!!!!  I know this is crazy talk, me only gab for 1/2 hours???!!!   Instead of fretting about it, I decided to blog my information so everyone has it at their fingertips. 

This blog is a group of very useful resources I'm highlighting in my talk.  A blog is a great format because all you have to do is point and click and you will be magically transported to my favorite resource sites.

4 Incredible resources - one stop learning for a healthy home!!!

1.  EWG: Environmental Working Group
      If you don't already have this one on your favorites you soon will.  The EWG actually has a few sites but and you can find them all here.
      a.  Guide to Healthy Cleaning Products This very new database give you incredibly helpful info on the safety of your everyday cleaners. It includes fragrances!! yeah!!!

     b.  Skin Deep:  This EWG site is a database  and rating system of our personal care products.  You can either search for healthy products or check up on the ones you already use.

     c.  Dirty Dozen:  Every wonder which foods are best bought organic and which foods you can buy non-organic.  This site helps you keep a healthy family, when you are on a budget.

2.  Women's Voices for the Earth:  Don't let the name fool you, this isn't a soap box site but a well written and incredible healthy home resource!  It gives tons of household product recipes to make yourself.  It also has home party guides for creating healthy home and for baby friendly homes

3.  Wastemobile Service at the Auburn SuperMall:  If after you read your label you discover a few dangerous or irritating cleaners lurking around, Don't throw away or put down the drain.  Take your house hold chemicals to The Auburn SuperMall Wastemobile  Besides your resource to safe disposal of household chemicals.  This site is also a fantastic source for a healthy home and a healthy environment.

4.  Blue Sky Services: An Ounce of Prevention:   While you are visiting our blog, please make yourself at home.  Our blogs are written from the trenches of cleaning and healthy homes.  Find how to maintain your home and create a healthy one from the perspective of 21 years experience in cleaning, research, practice.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seize the Season of Change!!!

   Welcome to Autumn!  As the weather changes, I seem to have an uncanny number of comments on this blog.   It seems a good time to write a new post.
   I trust you have all had a great summer.  Ours was very good but isn't there something about the quick and decisive changes in autumn?  With change so heavy in the air,  it give any change we put into practice extra power.  So with this extra weather changing power, what would you like to change?  Traditionally, we make our resolutions in January.  But if you want real staying power, make your changes now when the weather is on your side. 
   These changes don't have to be serious as this is a spontaneous resolution.  Why not have a little fun?  A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I decided to create a happiness project together.  Inspired from the book... "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin  we are gathering our mother/daughter connection- to stay motivated and on track. We started a year long journey together in creating happiness. 
   Take a moment or two go outside and see where the brisk wind takes you. There is always an abundance of serious in this world, why add to it?  Maybe what the effortless changes in Autumn are trying to tell us is to take life a little easier, have a little more fun and enjoy.
   Don't worry, January is just around for those deeper resolutions.  Of course, there will still be bathrooms to clean and dinners to cook, but in the end of your days won't an excess of happiness be a better memory???  Seize the season!
   Please share any Autumn changes you find while pondering Autumn.
   And thank you for your interest in our blog, your thoughts and comments are always welcome and most appreciated!!
    As always, wishing you and your family a happy and healthy home.
Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services
Certified Healthy Home Specialist