Tuesday, August 30, 2016

An unexpected gift

Have you ever had a day go slightly astray?  Your carefully planned schedule just won't behave. This shift is not always a bad thing.  It might even be called a gift.

When life is truly flowing, life's events seem to mysteriously fall into place.  I find the less stressed I am the better life flows.  My intuition is on point.  Serendipity shows up frequently.   Life's little moments of happy coincidences occur as if by request and I seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Today, I had such a gift.  My day got greatly altered from what my schedule book had planned.  I needed this reminder to remember to say thank you when life gives me an unexpected shift.

This week was full to the rim.  My business is flourishing.  But today both of my appointments got moved to another day.  I find myself with time to write, create, research, think and even watch the clouds go by if I want.  I sit here with a beautifully open and uncluttered schedule.  I have been handed a gift: a treasure of free time.  Breathing space!  ahhhh my breath deepens just thinking about it.

When I was little my mom started what she called quiet time.  We lived on a farm in Wiggins Colorado.  My mom was a stay at home mom/farmer with three little kids.  In order to maintain her sanity she instilled what she called: Quiet Time.

After lunch we were all required to be quiet for 1 hour.  We would go to different parts of our home.  There were only 3 rules:  we needed to be quiet; stay inside; be safe.  Naps we supported but not required.  During this time I learned the value of play time, alone time, creative time and free time.

To this day I still crave quiet time, it is as essential to me as running in the woods.  I may not get it every day but I still need this space for my sanity.  Today, I was gifted a whole day of quiet time.

If you are ever gifted with such a day, do not fret, clutter up your gift or give it away.  Savor this gift of freedom.  Maybe you didn't make as much money or check off as many to-do items off your list as you had hoped for.  That is just fine.  Take this gift and say thank you.  The energy you gain along with the creative enrichment will pay off in dividends later.

Enjoy every moment of quiet time. Let your spirit and soul become refreshed, rebooted and realigned with what you are really alive for.  A happy you is the best gift you can bring to this world

 I wish you great fun in your adventures of life,