Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Use Compasionate Clutter Clearing

Practice Compassion as you Clear your Clutter

 In a perfect world nothing would ever side track our lives. We would always have an abundance of energy, time and support.  Our focus would be clear, simple and direct. Our hearts open and light.  And of course joy would bubble up from our core...however...

In the real world, our lives take unexpected turns.  We travel down paths without maps.  When life happens, we do the best we can.  Sometimes our home's upkeep falls off.  Sometimes our own upkeep falls off...

If your life got a bit off course, be kind to yourself.  And if you know someone whose life isn't perfect... be kind to them too.

It it's easy to think what we would do if x, y or z happens, but until you experience life dead on, we don't know.  Every story has … the rest of the story.

If you are reading this and your feel like your home is too full, heavy and overwhelming.  Please take a deep breath and send a little TLC inward.  Your home is not you, it is not your character or your soul.  It is a big box that takes a lot of work to maintain.  And our culture is loaded with enticing ways to fill it up.

 If you are feeling overwhelmed are not alone.  You have kindred spirits all over this country feeling the same as you.  Storage units are popping up everywhere for a reason.

  Uncluttering gives you your life back.  It gives you energy, hope and space to breathe.  It is a type of non-therapy- therapy.  As you sort, simplify and un-muddle your stuff, you rediscover and discover your life.  Uncluttering is powerful.

Compassionate uncluttering

1.  Be compassionate to yourself and those around you as you sort  Spend 99% of your time saying thank you and less than 1% condemning yourself.  It's a much better use of your time.

2.  Get professional help.  I can't stress this enough.  Getting unstuck is a million times easier, faster and more enjoyable with compassionate, energetic and supportive help.  Professional help, the compassionate kind, works with you from an unjudgmental space- cheering you forward.  When I work with my client's I think of myself more as a guide.

3.  Create focus.  Work in time blocks.  Be focused for 45 minutes take 5 minutes to refresh and reboot. Clutter muddles our thoughts.  To un-muddle we need clarity.  Work in clear blocks in specific spaces.  Stay focused and well hydrated!!

4. Be consistent and persistent in your uncluttering.  When you are making steady progress you will continue to gain energy and your habits and skills will improve.  Progress empowers you forward and naturally reduces stress. Schedule time, set an appointment with your coach or help.

5.  Use your words wisely  Listen to yourself.  What words are you using?  What metaphors are you creating?   Words are powerful.  Use words that empower, support, appreciate you and appreciate the winding life you have led.  Talk to yourself, like you would talk to a dear friend.

Our homes are shields that protect us.  Make your shield kind and compassionate.  Create a home where you feel loved and supported.  A space where you can open the door and feel nourished.  A space to invite in kindred spirits for a cup of tea and a good chat.
A magical being isn't going to blink away your clutter...but as you clean it away uncluttering becomes a magical experience.

Travel kindly,  Denise Frakes
    Life and Home Coach 

 Get support as you create a space and home you love!!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

3 Essentials to Reduce Stress

How much time do you spend indoors?  Did you know the average American  spends only 7% of our time outside?  Really???  This is not good.  Especially considering the many benefits nature gives our minds, bodies and spirits. 

Did you know cleaning and uncluttering your home can actually make you healthy and happy?  Most of us instinctively understand this connection but when stressed we sometimes forget.

When I'm stressed I have 3 essentials I use to help myself get back into balance
    1.  I clean, organizing and reboot my home
When my home is clean and thoughtfully placed- life seems easier, I relax. My nervous system relaxes

               2.  I go outside and pull weeds, mow lawn, chop things down
     Yard work is perfect for venting stress and unplugging from life

   3.  I go outside and get some good LSD (LSD= Long Slow Distance... running/ walking time in)
Moving in nature lets me process life and I get out of my own brain. 
Moving in rhythm puts me back into rhythm 

We all have stress.  We need ways to destress ourselves.  By incorporating TLC into our daily habits and chores not only will be up our natural joy but we also get more done with less effort.  

Do this... make a list of...
3 current habits that deplete or stress you...
consider reducing electronic time, sugar and staying up past your bed time

 list of three habits you would like to add in
 Consider adding in cleaning, uncluttering, exercise and more time in nature/beauty 

Pick one item from each list

For the next month let go something that depletes you and add at least one action that nourishes you.

Happy travels,
      Denise Frakes.. Life and Home Coach