Monday, December 2, 2013

Harmony Hill raising hope

As I write this little blog today, it is in the wee hours of the morning.  Before heading off to our day's job,  I wanted to tell you about a place called Harmony Hill.

Dallas and I met Harmony Hill a few years ago when we were asked to help out at a retreat held there.  The retreats we help with are called Ayrevedic retreats.  St Francis women's auxiliary has graciously and generously supported our retreats and provide scholarships to women and men who had or still have cancer.  Our retreats are about finding hope, a new direction, friendship and your smile again.

2-3 times a year we meet at a place called Harmony Hill in Union Washington.  Before the retreats I had never ever heard of the place.  Now I think of it as a home away from home.  Harmony Hill is like going to camp.  Set in the woods and overlooking the hood canal, Harmony hill opens its doors to families and individuals who have crossed the path of cancer.  Multiple times each year, Harmony Hill holds retreats for free for anyone who currently has or has had cancer.  These retreats are an oasis in the world of confusion, fear and pain.  Harmony hill is a gift to the northwest.

Harmony hill is like no other retreat or hotel or lodge I know of.  It has a dining cottage that is more like going to grandma's kitchen- where the food is warm, delicious and prepared with mindful attention.  The old buildings squeak of history and comfort. The new buildings offer warmth and gathering places for early morning chats in your pjs.   The staff are more like friends, greeting us with hugs and kindness.  There is really no way to describe this place, you really need to visit sometime.
You can go for any reason.  A writers retreat, family get together, wedding, business planning sessions- it really can be whatever you need.  but all the gatherings are brought there for one main reason:  to support our friends and family who have crossed the path of cancer.  Harmony Hill has a clear vision of hope and TLC for the healing of spirits.

    This year or next year go visit this special place. And if you already know of this amazing place then I ask you to help them this year.  An incredibly generous individual has offered to match any donations given to Harmony hill by 2 times!!!  If Harmony Hill can raise $100,000 this amazing individual will give $200,000 or more to Harmony Hill!!  

   I realize there are zillions of worthy places to donate and support.  I also know what Harmony Hill gives back to our families.  With so many finding themselves directly connected to or personally having cancer we need places like Harmony Hill.  Their hearts are open and their hugs are real, giving us hope and a way of finding our spirit in the midst of cancer.

  So please continue to support your worthy causes but if you feel the tug of your heart, consider supporting our own local Harmony Hill this December.   Next year, your few dollars will give someone a smile.

  I wish you all great health and joy this year.

click to visit the official site of Harmony Hill