Thursday, August 9, 2018

6 simple steps to creating a safe place to heal

This Wednesday I had the honor of speaking at the Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference.  Here is a quick summary of my talk.  For everyone attending my presentation, thank you for creating such an engaging and fun class. And to all the volunteers and sponsors, wow- great event- thank you!

   6 simple habits to creating a safe home to heal

1.  Clean residue free   Cleaning is the action of removal,   Sometimes we forget the simple.  Cleaning is simply removing from a surface what isn't part of that surface.  When your cleaning is complete, the only thing that should be left behind is the surface.
       Start with the mildest means and use the process of: wash, rinse and dry.   Adding the technology of effective microfibers makes cleaning more effective without leaving a residue behind.  Think removal and think twice about reaching for disinfecting wipes for your daily cleaning.

2.  Wash up-  One of the best and easiest ways to minimize exposure to germs and viruses is simply washing your hands.  Rub hands together for 20 seconds wash, rinse and dry
       Wash hands as soon as you return home from being out and about in the public
       Wash hands before you eat
       And of course wash up after using the bathroom;-)

3.  Fresh air is essential to life!  Make a point to open up your windows and doors.  Our homes need to breathe just like we do.  There needs to be fresh air in every day.  Homes are absolutely healthier with fresh air flowing in and tired air flowing out.  Think fresh air- not air fresheners or synthetic fragrances.
     Open windows and doors at least once per day- breathe in
     Run exhaust fans, open windows - breathe out

4.  Unclutter your home.  When your home is all tangled up and out of order, it is hard to truly relax.  When you unclutter your home your nervous system has a chance to relax. When you are relaxed you rest and heal better.  By cleaning  and decluttering your home you are rebooting it.  It has the same effect as unplugging your computer for 60 seconds.  ahhhhh exhale.....)))))))

5.  Create sacred spaces.  Surround yourself with people, pets and things you love.  When you look around and everything you see is nourishing you are happier.  You feel nourished and supported.  This is how you should feel.  Let go of things that drain you.  Less is more

6.  Bring nature inside and go outside.  There have been some excellent studies showing how patients heal faster when they can see nature.  We tend to spend 80-99% of our time indoors.  At the very least bring a bit of nature inside with fresh flowers and plants.  Open up windows and let nature be part of your home.  Go outside. Spend time outside, sitting, walking and being.

When we are happy and relaxed we give our body, mind and spirit a chance to heal.  If you would like further training in cleaning, uncluttering, creating sacred space call on me anytime.  Wishing you all deep breaths, joyful days and nourishing spaces,
              Thank you,
                      Denise Frakes

Monday, August 6, 2018

Invite: Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference 2018

What are you doing Wednesday?  You are invited to join me for the annual Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference, August 8th.  The PCCSC is being held on the University of Puget Sound campus. UPS is near and dear to my heart.  A beautiful place to spend your Wednesday surrounded by caring kindred spirits, gorgeous landscaping and buildings.

Who should attend? Everyone.  Who hasn't been affected in some way or another by cancer?  This conference is an amazing gathering of resources, education, speakers and generous souls who have given a ton of time and energy to create this space.  This event is free to the public and well worth the effort!

I'll be speaking at the Breakout session 2 from 10:15-11:15 am.  My topic Healthy Homes: Creating a safe place to heal.

Our homes are a reflection of our habits.  Our habits are automatic and mindless actions.
They can benefit us or deplete us

Creating a safe place to heal is a no brainer for being healthy and vibrant.  It is essential for healing.

 How many homes have I been in where the method to remove germs, odors and stagnation was toxic?  I have no idea but it's a wee bit scary.

Your home and environment health is a huge influencer on your health. If you want to heal up and stay healthy start with a healthy home.  Simple shifts in habits, knowing your why's and making the connection are easy and hugely beneficial changes you can make to create a healthy space.

Partial speaker topics for PCCSC 2018
Along with the Keynote speaker there are about 28 other speaking sessions you can choose from.  Topics include:  Brain health, the art of a good night's sleep, mindful aesthetics- with the amazing Becky Kluen, diets linked to cancer, medical cannabis, breast reconstructive surgery,  estate planning, caregiving, cancer immunotherapy and much much more.  

If you can't make it to the conference, schedule your own private consult with me.  We can focus on what you want and need.  From downsizing and simplifying your household chemicals,  uncluttering your home, creating a nourishing kitchen and of course cleaning for health.  

Living in a nourishing space is priceless