Monday, January 7, 2013

Best home care tip of 2013

With a title like "Best home care tip of 2013" you are probably expecting something spectacular!  This tip is not expensive, hard to do or even complicated.   Why I just learned about it at Thanksgiving boggles my mind but it is too good not to share. 

I discovered this miracle at my sister's house. She was boiling potatoes.  The pot was full to the brim with potatoes and water- but it wasn't boiling over causing the normal holiday mess.  No, it was just happily and rapidly boiling away.  What was her trick?  This is crazy but apparently it works like a charm.... drum roll please.. a wooden spoon placed over the top of the kettle!!!!  Seriously!!???!!!  Yup!!!

As far as we could figure the spoon breaks the surface tension and keeps the contents from going over board! I tried this new find and it works beautifully!!!  Crazy good!!

Wishing you all a new year filled with fun discoveries, joyful prosperity and daily blessings.
Denise Frakes