Thursday, November 16, 2017

Go to list for staying healthy in the Winter

Hi All,
   As I type this it is raining cats and dogs outside.  Going outside for a run doesn't sound nearly as inviting as it did a couple months ago... and yet...

When I moved to Washington from Colorado, I struggled in the winter months.  The short days, cloudy skies and lack of sunshine created a less light and bright me.  Here are 5 of my go to strategies for staying healthy all winter long

1.  Go outside everyday!  Even if you just stand on your porch- get some fresh air.
2.  Up your veggies and minimize the processed  foods, sugars and over indulgences.
           Your body will thank you!

3.  When you come home from shopping, work, socializing wash your hands first thing. 
   This will help keep viruses out of your home.
  On that same note- always wash up before eating

4.  Stretch and breathe deeply.  Stretching gives you energy and helps keep you open. 
         Both stretching and deep slow breathing open up your lungs and heart.

5.  Lighten up your life- declutter the extras
              Add in a bit more TLC/play/recess/freetime/naptime

Wishing you all vitality all year long.
No need to go it alone
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