Monday, June 8, 2015

Cleaning gives you fresh a fresh canvas

    Cleaning and clutter clearing go hand in hand.  Clutter clearing has been getting a lot of energy lately as we start to notice this huge over burden of stuff that meandered its way into our homes and lives.  Clutter clearing releases stagnate and stuck energy, allowing your authentic life to flow again.  Kind of important don't you think?  

  But equally important and with a slightly different twist is cleaning.  Cleaning gives you fresh energy, a clean slate and a fresh canvas on which to create your art. Art being in this case your life.  Your life really is a piece of art- your authentic art.

   As I write this blog it is Monday.  After working all weekend, I'm off today- technically anyway.  In reality there is still much to do in the office and home.  But Monday's are special.  This is my writing and cleaning day.  When you think of art, writing makes perfect sense.  It is an art form.  But cleaning?  Why is cleaning so connected to creating authentic art?  Because cleaning keeps your space clean and refreshed.  You wouldn't want to try and create a master piece from a stagnate, soiled, dust bunny infested studio?  I think not!  Wouldn't you rather have a studio that has fresh air, clear windows, clean surfaces?  A space so fresh and alive that it draws you in and nudges you to create.  

   Such a space only happens with TLC.  So today is not only my art day, my writing day, my authentic listen to my inner voice day but it is also my clean the toilets, wash clothes and windows day. It is the wrangle up the dust bunnies and corral the misplaced items day. 

  For my life to flow I understand the need for a fresh canvas.  Cleaning does just that, it preps the space in which we live- my family and I, to be able to create our authentic lives.  

  When I think of cleaning as priming my space for my authentic life to flow, then it takes on a new meaning don't you think?  Instead of just saying I'm cleaning the bathroom today, I can say I'm prepping my art canvas for the week.  This makes me happy and happy cleaning is good work!

 May your cleaning put a little life back into your art and may your art give your cleaning an elevated place in your life.