Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cleaning is an action not a chemical

When you think of cleaning what comes to mind?  Sparkling surfaces?  Spray bottles of cleaners?  To-Do lists that run long and deep?  Never ending chores?  Freedom?  Bleach?  Little finger prints on your clean windows?

For me, when I think of clean I get this feeling of clarity, freshness, gratitude, openness.  I feel refreshed, at ease and happy.  I breathe deeper, my shoulders drop and my smile comes easily.  I accomplished a project and I see the results- it feels good, I feel good.  That's how clean makes me feel but do always joyfully dive into cleaning? No, but most times yes.

I have been a professional cleaner and educator of cleaning and residue free homes for over 26 years.  Through this journey my appreciation for this life long task has evolved from despise ( teenage years) to wonder and appreciation (now).  I have witnessed over and over again what happens when cleaning goes wrong- surface damage, clutter build up, chemical exposure - even emotional disruptions.  I marvel how much better I feel after my home is clean, my desk is clear and my chores done.

The fact is cleaning is an action we will need our entire lives.  And yet, how much time do we devote to actually improving our ability to clean efficiently, effectively and easily?  It seems to me, when we have a chore that requires daily, weekly and yearly energy it is worth learning about. This life long chore can cost you a fortune, make your home sick or leave you exhausted and frustrated.  It is the same chore that when done beautifully can create a healthy, welcoming, sparkly clean, fresh and inviting space.  One way diminishes you the other lifts you up.  hmmmm It's crazy.  Why would we ignore a lifelong task that has that much impact on our lives?

It is partly because we aren't taught to clean.  Sure we learn from our parents, from commercials and from our friends.  I think cleaning is thought of as genetic trait.  You are born with a smart cleaning gene or not.  Thankfully, cleaning isn't a gene and you can absolutely learn to make this little gem shine.

 I have found cleaning to be a minefield of emotional residues.  Did you know the emotional part of your brain is the same part of your brain you sense smells?  We buy cleaners because they smell good to us, they remind us of home, or they smell like clean- bleach, pine sol, lemon, tide.... The scent of clean is a billion dollar industry.

How you feel about your cleaning chores will tell me how much this action weighs on your spirit.  Cleaning is emotional, you have a relationship with cleaning and home care.  And like any relationship it can lift you up or weigh you down.

 The number one question I have been asked as a professional cleaner is ... What do you use?  What product is the magic bullet?  We did restorative cleaning for years.  Everyone thought we must have a mysterious, only available for professional cleaner's, amazing cleaner.  We actually used safer, milder products than most families do.  Most of our products were milder than 90% of what you can buy at the grocery store.

Why... because cleaning is an action not a chemical.  There is a science and an art to cleaning.  The action of cleaning is called TACT.  TACT stands for Time, Agitation, Chemical and Temperature.  Early in our career we learned this simple and life changing formula.  The difference between us a professional cleaners and the average household is we maximized the Time, Agitation and Temperature of our cleaning.... Which enabled us to turn the chemical part into the mildest, safest, most efficient product necessary.  Sometimes, a lot of times, our chemical of choice was and is water!!! 

Through the years we created what we call Residue Free Cleaning.  Residue free cleaning is as much a mindset as it is a science.  Focusing your efforts in prevention, using the mildest form of TACT and leaving your home and life residue free.

 Cleaning is a practice, a skill and a science.  Beautiful cleaning is a art. If you feel lost when cleaning, or frantic to get your chores done, if your home must sparkle at any cost, and if cleaning feels like a lifelong sentence then relax, there is help. There is no need for anyone to struggle with what could be a life enhancing gift anymore.  Master this skill now and lighten up the rest of your life.

    As always wishing you health, happiness and prosperity on your journey,
    Residue free cleaning specialist and your personal coach