Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 Pauses to Remove Stress Residue

   Next week is Thanksgiving.  Those words have a sort of starting line feel don't they?  And so it begins...the holiday season.  Nothing really changes except our to-do list and expectations.  What does the holidays have to do with a healthy and happy home?....pretty much everything.
   A healthy home starts with a nurtured family.   Of all the zillions of toxins I have learned about over the past many years, the one I feel is the most detrimental to our health is STRESS.  I just completed a program getting certified as a master EFT practitioner.  I did this specifically to help our homes and families let go of the residue of stress.
   This year I'm thinking we should practice a new way through the holidays.  
   3 Pauses
      The total time required is 30 minutes... 10 minutes per pause
          There is no time limit. The longer this one bakes the sweeter it is. 
     1st pause:  Quiet Time
          Upon waking up.  Give your self at least 10 extra minutes of free time.  My mom used to call it Quiet time.  You can do anything you want so long as you are quiet and doing something that makes you happy.  Morning prayer, yoga, compost writing, reading, drinking a cup of tea, listening....

   2nd pause:  Coming Back To Center
        Sometime during the day pause.  For 10 minutes stop and just breathe.  While you breathe you might want to stand up a little taller, relax your shoulders,  Breathe a little deeper, slower and richer.  Have a drink of water and smile.  Breathe, drink, smile and relax.  My yoga teacher Diane Bunting calls this checking in as " coming back to center".

   3rd pause:  Deep Relaxation Into Gratitude
       Just before falling asleep, let go- completely.  Breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly.  As you breathe out feel the weight of the world roll off your shoulders.  Smile a little and relax your face, neck and shoulders.  This is a good time to recall something good that happened today and feelings of gratitude. 

    I know from years of experience of trying November/December the hard way...A calm energy system is the greatest give you can give yourself and your family during the holidays. 

        As always, wishing you and your families a happy and healthy home,
                Denise Frakes
               Certified Healthy Home Specialist
               and now... Master EFT Practitioner:)