Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Master Home Environmentalist Volunteer Program

Today, will be my third class from the American Lung Association's Master Home Environmentalist volunteer program or MHE. I learned of this program about 3 years ago and have been looking forward to attending this 10 week training program ever since.

I joined this program for many reasons, one of which is the training I could gain to help others improve the health of their homes. We have been working to increase the health of your homes for years, this training will expand our knowledge and resources.

So far I love the program, of course I am a bit of a learning nerd, but that aside the MHE is a fantastic program. Tonight, our classes will be on Toxicology and Lead- very interesting! Last week we were learning about biological pollutants and moisture. You can see why this is all so much fun-seriously!

In the coming weeks, I hope to give you additional tips and ideas for your own homes. If you would like to learn more about this program check out www.alaw.org.

Hope you are all loving rain, we sure got a lot yesterday!

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