Monday, August 9, 2010

The decision to walk 60 miles

This past weekend I spent it with a good friend on Whidbey Island. We were at a camp to walk 38 miles in 3 days. This was in preparation of the upcoming walk my friend will be doing. You may have heard of it... Susan G Komen 3 day for the cure.
I went to this camp to support my friend.
During the 3 days of rain, water bottles, mole skin, pee stops, hugs, pink pom poms, two ducks, one large bale of hay, laughing, sound views, old houses, camp fires, fields of hubbard squash, lots of hugs and smiles, 38 miles of walking and camping in the rain we became a team.
A team that will go on together and walk the 60 miles on Sept 24 here in Seattle. I realized when you are in pain a friend close by makes the pain so much less. Spontaneous laughter and lots of chatting also helps keeps your mind off your soar feet.
Everyone I know seemed to already know I would go on to do the 60 mile walk. I'm always the last to know what is obvious to everyone else. Dallas is incredibly supportive as he always is. As I was walking this weekend, he was working on a big job. He knows this will take a lot of time and effort and he didn't even waver, he just supported me and our friend. He didn't even wince when I told him I need to raise $2,300.00 in 6 weeks. Now that is a good husband!!
My friend is walking in memory of her friend who passed away on Sept 24th last year from breast cancer. I am walking to support my friend who went through breast cancer treatments this spring. If she can walk after what she has been through I can most certainly walk and raise $2,300 in 6 weeks.
I'll be writing more about this later but this is a long over due blog. In my view, cancer can hopefully be prevented but if it can't be prevented then let it at least be diagnosed as early as possible.
May you and your families be happy and healthy,

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  1. I am so blessed to have true friends like Denise & Dallas. Denise didn't even tell me that this was up on her "blog", I just happened to click on a link from an email she sent. I am the friend who has Breast Cancer... NO SCRATCH THAT "HAD!!" BREAST CANCER and was lucky enough to walk those 38 miles with her last weekend. You know what, 38 wasn't enough - I can't wait to do the entire 60 miles! Thank you Denise & Dallas, I could not make it without you both. Together we can make a difference, together we can reduce the statistic "1 in 8 women get breast cancer"... EACH DAY IS A GIFT, NOT A GIVEN!