Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sending out Labels and Thank you's

After 20 years of sending out newsletters, the time has come to print out labels. It is not that I'm against technology, I just think a hand addressed letter is more personal. Yes, I know I could hire someone to print my letters, I could also have my letters printed in a hand written style but the point is it isn't me saying thank you. It might be old fashioned but I personally don't like getting mass printed mail and I figure I'm not alone. Sadly, my right shoulder will no longer let me print so many address and for the first time I'm sending out a newsletter with a label.

As a compromise to myself and you, I am still hand writing the thank you on the back envelope. It might seem like a detail not worth mentioning but over these past 20 years I have learned the value in gratitude. Saying thank you is not just lip service, it is deeply rooting in both our success and happiness in business.

After, my first letters went out this week, I realized spending time on the "thank you" was extremely enjoyable. My hand didn't cramp and my shoulder doesn't ache but I got my thank you in anyway. Not in a hand written label but in a heart felt thank you.

And yes, I do realize this blog post was mushy and corny but if you know me, you probably aren't too surprised. I'm also seriously wanting to start a future e-newsletter. How I'm going to attach a personal thank you is still a question.

As always wishing you all a happy and healthy home!!
Thank you!
Denise Frakes
Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services and Healthy home Specialist

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