Monday, November 24, 2014

Keep life simple: 3 cleaning tips for saving time, energy and money

It is officially the holiday season. Time to simplify.  There is no need to finish this year feeling like you just ran a marathon at full speed.  The season of late autumn and winter begs us to move to a slightly less vigorous drum beat.  

Keeping with the vision of a simple and happy holiday season- here are our 3 top time and energy savers for your cleaning

1.  Save Time:  One cleaning towel - has 8 cleaning sides

   Save time by using your towels more effectively.  Folded correctly, a cleaning towel will have 8 clean surfaces.  So as you clean around your home, you can cover a huge amount of space without having to change towels.  More time to play and less need for a drawer full of towels

    Tool:  A quality microfiber or good cleaning towel
    When picking your towels: Think quality over quantity
    We use quality microfibers, 16x16 terry cloth towels and 18x24 cotton hand towels- for floors

     Here's how to fold your towels: Take your cleaning towel or microfiber and fold it in half. Now fold in half again.  You will have a neatly folded towel 1/4 the size of your cloth.
   As you clean, flip over, then unfold and flip again.  Keep going until all 8 sides have been used.
   Another cleaning efficiency tip is to hold your hand flat as you clean to maximize your working motion

2. Use Less Cleaner:  Use the two towel method

   The two towel cleaning method is incredibly quick, simple and leaves your surfaces clean, residue free and dry.  Effective use of microfibers in cleaning has the potential to remove germs without leaving behind soap that will attract more soil.  This is a huge bonus on time saving.  Not only will you maximize your cleaning but you won't be chasing your cleaners around, which if left behind will give you more soil/ or RESIDUE and twice the work.  Less is more rules!!!

    Tools:  Microfiber, water, friction and a drying towel
    Here's how to use the two method:
    Get your microfiber damp- with just hot water.  Have another towel just for drying.  Fold both towels as shown above.
    This two towel method is perfect  for light soil, water based soils and for containing your dust.
    Rug back and forth over your surface first with the damp microfiber, follow up directly with a the drying towel. Work in small section.
  This cleaning process uses fiction cleaning (elbow grease) microfiber technology and maximal removal of soil and water  - hint the soil goes into the towels and out of your home
    Continue to flip your towels so you are always working with a clean towel.

3. Minimize your cleaners:  Use one cleaner for lots of different cleaning chores

      For greasy surfaces or surfaces with soap build up use:  Dish washing liquid
   My grandma Lois used to say, don't waste all that good soapy water when you are doing dishes- put it to good use. 
   Your dish washing cleaner is a powerful de-greaser, it is usually neutral in pH, highly concentrated (which saves you money) and you already own it!  Brilliant- more with less!!! 
   Tool:  Dishwasher cleaner- the kind you clean your dishes with.
    Want to use a safe dishwasher cleaner?  Click here and go to Environmental working group to find the safest.
   Here's how to get the most cleaning out of one cleaner:  
   Using the two towel cleaning method and the folding towel as shown above.  Substitute the hot, lightly soapy towel for the wet towel above.
     Dip your cleaning towel or microfiber into the hot bubbly water, now rinse it off with hot water and ring it out.  It is important to use very diluted dish washing soap unless you are going to fully rinse.  Wipe counter tops, appliances, around the light switches, painted walls- clean areas where there is a need for de-greasing or deeper cleaning.
   Cleaning tip:  To remove soil you must break the surface tension.  Using elbow grease or as it is now called- friction cleaning, along with a little time gives you hugely improved results over the old fashion method of overkill called the spray and wipe method.
   Always follow your cleaning a with a good dry toweling.  

Wishing you all simple, happy and delicious holidays!!


  1. Hey, that is a valuable tip. Thanks for sharing! Now I got it how my house cleaners clean the home so quickly and perfectly. You know they also use microfiber for cleaning purpose. I really like their work.

  2. Hello, I really loved your post its have awesome cleaning tips dear.

    1. Hi Robin,
      Thanks for your message. Don't you love how simple residue free cleaning is? Less is truly more;-)

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