Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Secret to Happiness....

Over the past 958 days I have been on a personal 1000 day practice.  A practice that is really a journey of learning to live from my heart.  I'm on the final stretch of this 1000 day journey.  

Would you like to know what I discovered today?

 It isn't the length of the journey that matters most.  It is staying connected to the moments in that journey that count.  As day 1 turned to day 32... 445, ... 768 and then to today - day 958, the specific numbers mean less and less.

Staying fresh in the practice becomes the greatest challenge.  Just is it is with life.  How do you stay fresh on day 18,250 of your life?  Now that is a good question.

Life is a series of moments and events.  Refreshing, rebooting, re-creating, resetting your life again and again become our practice in staying fresh and alive.

If we don't connect to this precious day, we end up getting caught up in a merry go round of days.  Life becomes like the movie Ground Hog Day.  And just like the movie, until we get "it", we will keep living the say old day over and over again.

Today, I cleaned off my desk, cleaned out my pens, posted notes and stamp drawer and then emptied and cleaned my bookcase.  I'm washing my office curtains as I type.  This morning, instead of doing my morning "normal" quiet/yoga/meditation time, I slept in and then jumped right into the day.  I didn't not start in a panic, I was not late, I was different.

Life is your habits.  Your habits can uplift you and they can deplete you.  Even seemingly healthy and positive habits can be come stale.  Maybe the secret to happiness is being connected, awake to the moment, trying new patterns, taking new paths and revisiting old paths.  And every once in a while to remember to hit the refresh button.

As always I wish you great joy on your path,

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