Monday, May 1, 2017

Shifting your perspective of work

Work and play are exactly what you decide they are.

   This spring I gave one of my "chores" over to Dallas.  Mowing our lawn.  As he was mowing and I was working on something else I was thankful and felt relieved not to have to mow the lawn that week.  But a funny thing happened when I walked into our back yard... I missed it! I missed being outside, I missed the smell of freshly cut grass, I missed the feel of a newly mowed lawn.  I missed moving to the rhythm of mowing, the meditative quality of one foot in front of the other. I missed the physical work out. I missed mowing my lawn.  I missed my chore!!

   And it turns out it wasn't a chore all along it was a gift of nature and meditation and accomplishment.  It was so much more than a chore.   It is exactly what I decide it to be.

  The truth is, mowing or washing dishes or cleaning or sitting on the deck, reading, grocery shopping are all things we do.  How we do them is what matters most.

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