Friday, January 4, 2019

Rebooting time is a human requirement

We are like computers.  
Just like computers, we periodically need to unplug, turn everything off and reboot. 
 Rebooting time is a human requirement- period!

Like computers, we are electrically charged.
  Too much electricity flowing through our brains gets wild- unruly
Our homes get messy, our thoughts muddled, our actions frantic or sludgy.

As a coach and human, one of my most effective rebooting tools and organizing. 
  Resetting your home or space is not a chore.  It is a effective rebooting tool. 
 The home reboot is a natural form of meditation - a grounding practice. 

Cleaning and uncluttering are restorative reboots. 
 They are forms of space clearing.
 You actively move around your home curiously, thoughtfully- unplugged 
returning life gone astray back to its home
Removing life schmutz

Clutter is a sign we need a reboot
Clutter comes in many forms.  Time clutter, stuff clutter, thought clutter
 Having no pause in our lives is like having no pauses between notes in a song

    New Year Goal: Rebooting time
       Natural pauses to reset your life.  

Reboot with thoughtful pauses:
  freetime, picking up the house, playtime, quiet time, personal time, micro-vacation time,
 cleaning your desk time, time to wonder and ponder, organize your pantry,
go outside, sort your books, sit on the porch, curiously free time

Rebooting time is a human requirement


 If we don't reboot, our energy gets wild, frantic - exhausted
 We start chasing squirrels
Reboots are recess for the mind, body and spirit

Reboot:  breathing space... space to play, mind travel and come back to life - refreshed

Create natural rebooting time in 2019.  Your electrical system and essence will thank you,

May your travels be refreshing and your homes nourishing,

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