Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Cozy for the holidays- Curiously Cozy

I'm reading this great book called Cozy: The art of arranging yourself in the world by Isabel Gillies
On a quick side note, did you know there is a society called the Pencil appreciation Society?  To be a member you have to fill out at 3 page questionnaire and write three essays!  How super cool and totally weird is that?  Cozy covers this society!  And yes, these are the kinds of books I read for the pure joy of it.  

Anyway, in Cozy, Isabel is exploring what cozy is and how to cultivate it in our lives, throughout our lives, no matter what is going on- holidays, social media, politics, life, colds.  Life needs cozy.  We need to know how to make our lives cozy in any weather and season.

Cozy doors ..Isn't this a great picture??  Not sure of it's source but whoever took it- thank you!!
  Her questions got me thinking, even more than normal about homes, holidays, hot chocolate and cleaning.  This morning as I was cleaning, I thought, yes, a clean home does feel cozy.  A tidy and nourished home makes me feel cozy for sure.  I also love having creative projects and energy in my homes.  A cozy home needs room for messes and play. I love a home with little surprises scattered about and big love.  A home with healthy and delicious food ready to eat and a fully stocked frig and pantry is cozy.

What makes us feel cozy?  What is cozy?  Do you ever even think about being cozy?  Until I started this book, I'm not sure that cozy was even something I thought about.  Now I'm cozy curious.  When do I feel cozy?  What do I do that makes me feel un-cozy?  Is that even a word?  If not, it is now! Ha

The holiday season is here.  As I type, it's 5;09 Thanksgiving eve.  This year, instead of following the crowd, I want to focus on creating a cozy, a curiously cozy season.  Which means, exploring what I truly love of this season and the holidays.  What memories make me feel warm and loved? Does my home feel cozy to my family to visitors?  I'm exploring new cozy ways.  I don't really have a plan.   Ignite our cozy- I think you get it.

Here's to a season of cozy exploration:  cozy books, cozy suppers, cozy traditions, cozy places, cozy friendships, cozy mornings, cozy socks ….

Happy Travels, may your home always feel cozy to you and those you love

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