Friday, October 23, 2009

The power of your nose

Can your home be clean if it doesn't smell like...lemon, Pine sol, bleach, flowers, orange, cucumbers, Windex or vinegar? The power of scent is incredible. How often does a scent bring back vivid memories of a past events. This fall running in the woods smelling the leaves and autumn, I'm instantly transported back to running cross country in Colorado when I was a teenager.

Our emotions and scents are often mistaken for the same thing. Growing up when your home was cleaned it usually felt better. A freshly cleaned home just feels good. Sometimes, we mistake this relaxing and refreshing feeling with the scents/frangrances of the cleaners we use. We tie the cleaners/fragrances our parents used with how clean we think our own home are. Clean = Memory and Scent

Clean doesn't actuality smell. If you open your windows and breath in fresh air, you will notice it doesn't smell like a chemical, nor a strong smell of citrus. Sometimes you will get whiffs of pine trees, freshly cut grass, the blooms of flowers or even the sweet smell of blackberries. These are natural scents not concentrated natural or synthetic. Clean doesn't really have a smell it just is.

Personally, I can't be around many synthetic or even naturally added scents, fragrances or deodorants. My throat tightens up, my nose stuffs up and sometimes my eyes water. This comes from being over exposed years ago with "naturally citrus fragrances". After cleaning for 19 years "stuff" happens. What I want to help you prevent is that "stuff" from happening to you and your family.

Fragrances/scents do not make a home clean. Be aware of how you might link the smell of clean to actually being clean. Try to use non-scented cleaners in your home. At the very least notice how you feel as you clean. Open up windows, turn on vents and run fans. In the process of cleaning your home you want to not only have a clean home but you should be healthy in the process.

As an alternative to fragrances, scents and deodorants. Start to notice what just plain clean smells like. If you want to add fragrance to your home open up windows, bake something scrumptious or use qualty essential oils.

Wishing you a happy and healthy home,

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