Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faith in doing the right thing

It's Wednesday afternoon, I'm printing out our newsletter and while I wait I thought this is a good time to visit with you.

Today, we got a call for a great job, but we referred our client to another company that would better serve them. Why in the world would we refer a great job to another company, in a tight economy? Because we were not the best company for the job. There was another company, we have worked with and known for about 10 years, that would serve our client better than us. Sometimes the best way to be of service is not to be of service.

Dallas and I have been doing this for 19 years- giving away work. We try to match our clients with the best service company. Usually it is us, but sometimes it is another company and instead of giving our client a learning experience, we send them to an expert.

Today, we helped a company with a real need, researched a possible product for that company, and referred them to a company that would serve them very well.

It is really a matter of faith. Faith that, if you give away what you most desire, it will come back to you. If we hold on too tight it is usually detrimental to the health of our company and family. In any economy, faith in doing the right thing will be better than trying to be all things and grab all jobs.

Wishing you a happy and healthy home,

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