Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking the irksome out of showers!!

Showers cleaning can be irksome! Hardwater deposits, mold and soap scum - the three main soils of your shower.

What can you do? These three soils are just part of having a shower, right?? Without any prevention, then yes. Every shower is a little different depending on how often it is used, what it is made of, how good its ventilation & circulation are and what personal care products are used in your shower.

However, this is what we know about showers. Good daily prevention in showers is incredible about minimizing those 3 soils. We see showers everyday- old, new, stone, tile- you name it we see it. What we also see is the huge -giganitc benefit from good daily prevention. The difference between a shower with preventative maintenance and one with none is night and day.

If you like cleaning soap scum, killing mold and trying to remove hard water deposits then don't read any more, but if you want to minimize these three soils then read on...

After each use or the last shower of the day do 3 things:

1. Rinse your shower.

We rinse ourselves before hopping out of the shower, but what about the shower? Personal products should be rinsed off the shower walls as well as ourselves. If left to dry, those cleaners bond with hard water and become - soap scum!

2. Towel dry your shower.

Mold grows in wet places especially if there is a good food source ( skin, cleaners, hair). If you dry your shower you further remove soap, mold food, minerals and water. We recommend useing a towel, microfiber, or shammy. A squeegees for your glass doors is still good.

Why not squeegee? We find the squeegee is not as effective as towel drying. When you squeegee, if you don't go all the way to the ground, the ground acutally builds up more soap. You are just moving the upper soap to the bottom. A towel collects your soils and is a better detailing tool.

3. Increase your air circulation and ventilation

As soon as you start the water for your shower turn on your vents.
After you shower, continue to run your vents for 60 minutes
There has to be flow for your shower to dry. If you have a shower door or curtain, open them up and let the fresh air in.
(In the northwest, an open window may not remove the excess moisture- run your vents.)

I know this seems like a pain to do everyday but trust me those few seconds pay huge dividends to you and your family.

These little daily preventative steps will:
Save you time & money, while protecting your health & the health of your shower.

Wishing you a healthy and happy home,

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