Friday, January 6, 2012

There are two types of residue in your home

Did you know there are two types of residue in all our homes? There is the physical kind of residue and the one which we are all familiar with. It goes by the name of dirt, soap smears, dust, drips, spills and occasionally drool left from our four legged friends. Removing residue from your stone uncovers the essence of your home. When our slate is clean the texture comes alive, the colors are brilliant and it feels true. A clean slate makes our home feel good.

The second and less obvious form of residues in our homes are the mental and emotional residues. They go by the name of regret, worry, fear, longing, disappointments and sorrow. The beauty of a new beginning is it gives you a time to let go of that heavy lingering residue that fills our air. Sometimes this residue gets so heavy it turns into physical residue and lands on our floors. Just as cleaning our slate floors is essential for a healthy and beautiful home, so is cleaning out the residues of our emotions and brains. Deep cleaning isn't only good for our home, it is also good for us. Start this year and give yourself a clean slate - free of all residues.

We have been in the business of removing residue from homes for over 20+ years. Trust me when I say there is a natural and powerful gift in a clean home and a clean slate!!

Wishing you and your families a new year full of clean starts!
Denise Frakes
Healthy Home Specialist
Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services

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