Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grandma's wisdom on cleaning

Because I own a professional cleaning company, most people assume my home is perfect. Maybe this is a secret I should take with me to my grave but here is the truth- it isn't. The fact is no one's home is perfect. The act of trying for perfection is very stressful. This morning, I was e-mailing a friend about cleaning. It seems guilt and judgement are emotions deeply rooted in how clean our homes are or at least what we think others will think about our homes.

The fact is our homes are gifts. This is a place we should be able to deeply relax, enjoy our families and let go of the days troubles. Of course, it should be clean enough to be healthy and look nice enough to let you enjoy it. But to fret and worry and press on to create a perfectly clean home all the time is an act of stress.

Last spring I was in AZ visiting my grandma and grandpa. At the time my grandma was 96 years old. As we were visiting one morning, the topic of cleaning came up. I can't remember why, maybe there was a cleaning task that looked like it needed attention. She told me to not to worry about it, that cleaning would be there all my life, we should spend our time enjoying each other's company. Present at that visit last spring was my grandpa, my mom, myself and my aunt Velma- who as I write this is 102.

We did in fact enjoy the entire visit. Cooking for the sure joy of sharing, we ate with gratitude as thick as gravy and we loved every moment together. Worrying and fretting about a perfect home would have wasted precious seconds.

Two months after that visit my grandmother passed away. This December my grandpa followed her. You never know how wonderful a moment is until it is taken away. So on behalf of our grandmothers everywhere, I beg of you not to fret over the perfection of your home, to let go of any self imposed judgments and go enjoy the day. Cleaning will be there again tomorrow but the moment will not.

As always wishing you a healthy and happy home,

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