Monday, March 5, 2012

Cleaning is not a product it is a process

There is a missing link in today's cleaning. Not here at Blue Sky Services mind you, we still believe in actual cleaning- we call it residue free cleaning. When we are through cleaning, there should be nothing left behind but clean, beautiful - undamaged surfaces. Your granite should just be your granite, your tile should only be your tile. Clean should be clean!!

Think about the process of:

Washing dishes: washing, rinsing and drying.
Washing clothes: washing, rinsing and drying
Washing teeth: washing, rinsing
Washing hair: washing, rinsing and drying

So what happens if you take the rinsing and drying part OUT of cleaning???

We would be eating off soapy and dripping wet dishes.
We would be wearing sudsy and wet clothes
We would swallow our tooth paste instead of spitting and...
We would all have flat and sticky hair from all that soap residue left behind!!

Do you see where I'm going with this? Life would be messy. There is a missing step in today's clean. What would happen if you cleaned your windows by spraying cleaner on and leaving it to dry? In a very short, time you would not be able to see your front porch.

This is what is happening in our modern fast food of cleaning process: mop on, spray on, spray some more, mop some more- air dry. Sometimes these products we spray and mop on attact soil, sometimes these cleaners are unsafe for our families. There needs to be a removal step!! To clean, actually clean and not just smear around, there needs to be a little thought, a smart process and care should be taken for the our families and the person doing the cleaning's well being. Cleaning may not be a cool topic but it is a essential part of healthy homes and families.

Did you know, cleaning is a process, it isn't just applying cleaner/chemical? When cleaning is done right, not only is the cleaning process gentle to you and your surfaces but there are no chemicals/cleaners left behind! (this is a good thing) Cleaning is not a product it is a process. Surfaces, families and homes should be left residue free. Safe products should be used and they should be used safely!

This month, I'll be posting/visiting with you about residue free cleaning and creating residue free homes. Cleaning is a process, healthy homes are more than just energy efficient. When done right a healthy and truly clean home will:

help our families stay healthy,
extend the life of our belongings
create beautiful homes in the process

My thought for the day- don't put on soapy clothes and for heavens sakes don't put sudsy dishes in the cupboard. If you put cleaner on - take it off, don't leave your homes soapy and wet!

As always, wishing you a healthy and happy home,
Denise Frakes
Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services
Certified healthy home specialist

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