Friday, March 16, 2012

What a residue free home isn't.....

Create a residue free home. Why would you want to do such a thing? Our homes should be the place we can go that is safe, healthy and relaxing. Our homes should not be the source of our un-health or stress. Unfortunately, for so many reasons our homes are becoming a potential source of our dis-ease. A residue free home puts the health back into healthy home.

Before I tell you about a residue free home, let me tell you what it isn't:

A residue free home isn't about being a watch dog but about being curious and thoughtful.
A residue free home isn't about being afraid of all chemicals but about being aware and wise.
A residue free home isn't about being perfect but about celebrating our imperfections.
A residue free home isn't a task master of lists but about listening
A residue free home is more of a practice than a goal.
A residue free home is a place where gratitude, joy and presence thrive.
A residue free home isn't a place to fret and worry when company comes unexpectedly but a place where all are welcome and happily received- dirty dishes and all.

Before I start in on the details of residue free, I want to help you create a home that gives you and your family the freedom to be yourself and be vibrant in your health. What good is having a beautiful home if the family it holds isn't nurtured in its walls?

Before I begin my next blog, take a minute and dream about your home:

Think about how you want to feel in your home. How you want your family to feel.
Think about what makes a happy home, what part of your home makes you the happiest.
Think about who lives in your home and what they mean to you.
Think about the abundance and blessings in your home.
Think about what truly matters...
And then we will talk.

In the mean time, I wish for you and your family a happy and healthy home,
Denise Frakes
Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services
Certified healthy home specialist

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