Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Begin with the end in mind... Leave nothing behind

Yesterday, I sent out our first ever e-newsletter!! For all visiting our blog site today, welcome!

I think and study about cleaning, health, homes and even the philosophy of cleaning more than any normal person. But like us all, I'm not normal, normal doesn't really exist. I believe normal falls in the same category as perfection. They are both like a spring breeze, lovely to think about but try to hold on too tight and you will squeeze the breeze right out.

Why do I think about our homes and health so much? Because I believe every family has the right to be joyfully, healthy and happy. When we are sick, lacking energy or depressed this right is like the spring breeze, it is gone and becomes a distant longing. If I can shed a little light and health back into your life and your families lives, then all my my abundantly normal time spent learning and contemplating will be worth every second.

Today, I want to continue visiting with you about creating a Residue Free Home. My last couple blogs have talked about the basics of a residue free home. This blog is looking at the final principle which is... leave nothing behind. Stephen Covey in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, says "begin with the end in mind". This is exactly what we want to do in the care of our homes: Begin with the end in mind. The end is leaving our homes free of unwanted toxins, allergens, irritants and contaminates.

If there is one common that has followed Dallas and I in our 20 years + in cleaning is RESIDUE! The number one thing we see or see signs of, is residue left behind. Residue is often cleaners or chemicals over applied, sprayed around, mixed and unsuccessfully removed. When you spray a cleaner, fragrance, an aerosol, a pesticide, paint, disinfectant, perfume, or hair spray..... where does it all go?

In green cleaning, the focus is usually on safer products. I'm all for that!! But what is not usually talked about is the method those products are used. Of course, we start with the mildest and safest means possible in our cleaners and products but this is not the whole story. How we use and how often we use those products matters a great deal!! Unless we are putting oxygen into our air, then strive to leave nothing unwanted behind.

Here are three easy ways to minimize residue left behind
1. Do not spray chemicals into the air- minimize exposure
2. Open up windows, turn on exhaust fans - removes chemicals and allergens
3. Rinse and dry - make sure there is always a removal process

Of course, I will be writing more on residue free homes but these three ways will get you started. The air we breath is essential to our vibrant health. Keep your home's air clean, fresh and free of unwanted chemicals, allergens etc.

As always, wishing you a healthy and happy home
Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services
Certified Healthy Home Specialist with NCHH

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