Sunday, September 4, 2016

Walking into conversation

Sometimes you need to go off road.  My hubby, Dallas and I have discovered when we go out of our kitchen and into the woods our communication lights up and starts flowing.  After being married 26 years and in business for 25 years we have naturally developed patterns, habits, a sort of relationship dance.  This summer we got a new dance-a woodsy two step.

 A few years ago I got to travel to Iona, Scotland.  The folks on this little island had a great tradition.  They held tough or important conversations at what they called the crossroads.  That is literally what it was- two little dirt roads crossing. The wise residents would go to the crossroads to settle disputes, differences or come up with creative ideas.  They left their personal homes, their comfy chairs and went outside.  Standing in nature, fresh air - sometimes very fresh - they would talk on this neutral stetting until they came to some solution.  I remember thinking this was a brilliant idea but never thought to use it in my own life.

Fast forward to this summer, Dallas and I started going to the Dash Point State park to walk/run the trails.  A funny thing happened along the way...our chats started flowing.  We found our conversations got deeper, lighter, easier and more productive all with less effort.  Movement gets you unstuck- just like de-cluttering does.  Movement of any kind creates flow.  Gone are the meetings at the kitchen table, we are now outside, walking talkers.  

How great is this?  So if you find yourself needing to conduct a business meeting, solve the world's problems or just open up a new flow of communication with someone- take it to the woods, or to the beach!  

Yesterday afternoon, Dallas and I were on such a walking/jogging/talking journey.  Here is a picture Dallas took on our walk!  Maybe it is the beauty that makes conversation so easy...

Wishing you beauty and joy in your daily conversations, 

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