Friday, January 20, 2017

2 Steps in Overcoming Your Resistence

Clutter clearing and resistance go hand in hand.  If it wasn't for resistance, clutter would feel more like a kitten than a fire breathing dragon.  But like the poem I found at my great aunt Velma's house said.  "Every time I tried to throw my long kept things away- my hand's were stayed!"
      Yup- resistance.

Resistance has a funny way of turning into procrastination. Procrastination creates stress.  Constant stress build the feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed and heavy.

                                                 Today, I have two step practice for you
                                  Build new anti-resistance muscles.  Muscles of fearlessness

  Step one:  First thing in the morning ask yourself three questions
        What do I really need to do today but don't want to?
        What has been weighing heavily on my mind and spirit?
        What have I been putting off?

  Sept two:  Do the thing you most resist first!
           Maybe it is working out, eating a salad, calling someone, or ... diving into a box of clutter.  The what doesn't matter so much as the recognition of what you are avoiding and taking action.  Instead of avoiding" it"- you dive in!

 The key is to take action, small consistent actions. The first step is the hardest part. Take the first step.  Do a little bit everyday.  Put on your shoes, roll up your sleeves and move a little bit forward. Look at what "stays" your hands and do it anyway.  5- 30 minutes is a great habit to create.  10 minutes everyday is awesome practice!  It's not the how much you do, it is the action in the face of fear that will give you freedom.  Do a little action forward everyday.

  Consistency, persistence and fearlessness will turn your resistance into your triumphs.  Instead of carrying the weight of what you haven't done with you all day, you get to enjoy your achievement.

  Dive in everyday for 30 days.  Be fearless. Notice what you most resist, scoff at the bully and do it anyway.

  It takes time to build muscles.  We are building muscles of action, fearless action,   The more often you work these muscles the stronger you will be!

Wishing you, a fearless spirit and power over your resistances. Let me know how you are doing. I'm right there with you- everyday doing the very thing that stops me in my tracks!!

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