Sunday, February 4, 2018

Improve your decluttering muscles with a tour of Seattle Chocolates

What do you love?  What do you love so deeply that it makes your spirit dance and eyes sparkle?  How do you decide what you truly love and what is only life clutter?

By building exploration and discovery muscles- that's how.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went on a sensory tour of the Seattle Chocolate Factory.

 At the end of the tour a 6 piece chocolate taste test was waiting for us to enjoy.  Our task was simple: taste each chocolate.  What do you love?  Each piece eaten with full awareness and curiosity.  Do I love this?  What do I love about it?  What do I taste?  How does it compare to the other 5 samples?  If I could only pick one, which one would I choose?  
The idea of choosing got me thinking...

Learning to discover what you truly love is an art.  Keeping everything just incase or because you feel obligated is like buying bad chocolate and then filling your pantry with it.

February is known as the month of Love and Chocolate.  I challenge you, not to look at your life full of clutter, but to elevate your senses into a place of playful discovery.  What do you truly love?  If you could only keep one book, magazine, bolt of fabric, craft, appointment, sweater, chocolate bar ..... which one would it be?

  Put order into your sorting process.  Which do I love the most?  By rating your chocolates in order of favorite to least favorite, you build the ability to identify what you truly love.  Keep the top 20%, let go of the rest.

   A sensory tour helps you ignite your discovery muscles. These newly strengthened muscles can be applied to your home clutter, your life clutter, time clutter etc.  Imagine all this because of a little, delicious chocolate tour.... priceless!

  FYI:  When you eat your chocolate savor each bite.  Life and chocolate are best when consumed slowly with full attention.  Let go of what you don't love so you have more time and energy for what you truly do love.
Clutter clearing is TLC for your spirit... keep it fun!

Meet Chis he was our guide into the world of Chocolate
 It was fun, delicious and worth repeating- Thanks Chris!!


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    1. That's so weird, I loved your comment and didn't remove it! Thanks Chris!!!

  2. That one with the fish on the wrapper is my favorite of all candy bars I've ever had from any company! My all time favorite!
    I like your application of this thinking to decluttering. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Chris, I'll have to try the chocolate with the fish wrapper. Have you been on one of Seattle Chocolate's tours? It is a fun no matter how you travel on the tour but from the perspectives of clarity, sorting, discovery and senses the tour gets lifted into another category. Thanks so much for your comment!