Friday, February 23, 2018

Evolve your cleaning and happiness

Today, I'm sharing with you a new addition to my own personal cleaning system. And yes, after 26 years as a professional cleaner and residue free specialist I'm still learning, improving my skills and upgrading my tools.

This new upgrade came from not the giant cleaning industry by a unexpected source... my mom.  A while back, my mom started raving about her window cleaning microfiber and how easy it was to clean windows: two microfibers, no product, less time and far superior results.  I was interested but I was already selling a commercial line of microfibers and figured they were the best, so I didn't think much of it. And to be honest, although I get the science of microfibers but I wasn't fond of the tacky texture or the lack of absorbing quality.
Thankfully, my mom persisted not to convince me but out of sure happiness.  Those microfibers were making her whole home easier to take care of.  I ordered two.

This past October, I was visiting her when her house cleaner showed up with two microfibers and one floor microfiber- ready to clean my mom's full house! Three microfibers- the whole house!! This got my attention!  My mom, a very good cleaner, has never been happier and spent less time of cleaning in her life.

Those two microfibers I bought?  Well, the other day I realized I had stashed them in my office for safe keeping.  Keep in mind, I had a professional cleaning company for 26 years and had access to the best products.  After much internal debate... I said to myself, Oh for heavens sake Denise, if you love them this much you should share this with your clients and community.  Residue free cleaning is my expertise.   Cleaning without residue, making your work easy and efficiently while doing no harm is what I teach and have done for 26 plus years.  And so I signed up to offer these products to you.

Now in addition to being your personal source to residue free homes, huge time saving tips and ways to create healthier homes but I can also tell you what to use and when.  I can help you save time, energy all while creating a cleaner home and healthier home.

Being able to save time and energy on your to-do cleaning list brilliant!  Creating a healthier home in the process is priceless!  Having a way to make cleaning fun- spectacular!

Lesson for the day: always listen to your mom and when you have the opportunity to make your life and the lives of others easier, healthier and less stressed... do it!!!

If you have any questions, please contact me at  If you would like to try these microfibers for yourself, I recommend starting with the safe haven package.  This is your best deal for getting you the microfibers I love along with the laundry package... FYI- how you care for microfibers is essential.  If you want to add a floor kit in then grab the Just add water package

If you are skeptical- I get it. But do you want to create a healthier home, save money and spend less time cleaning?  I thought so- me too;-)  Keep in mind cleaning is a system and science- learning to make a lifelong chore effortless is worth the time spent learning.  I'll be teaching residue free cleaning around Puget Sound, contact me if you want training or a class taught in your area.

Next Class- Marlene's Market Green Cleaning March 8th, 2018 6:30-8:00pm Federal Way WA
   This class is sponsored by the city of Federal Way and is open to the public

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