Monday, July 1, 2019

Got Paper Clutter??? Get Help!

  Do you ever get overwhelmed looking at your piles of paper, bulging boxes, overflowing bookcases, stuffed closets? 

 Yup- I get it!  Paper clutter is exhausting!  
 It stagnates your life and deplete your energy.  It feels slow, unproductive and heavy.
 But, you already know this. 
Life is too short to be depleted by piles of paper and boxes of muddle thoughts.

 How many years have you been hoping -
 dreaming this would be the year you finally got rid of all those boxes and piles??

  Waking up and going to bed in a cluttered space depletes our spirit, mind, body, emotions.. and relationships. (with yourself and those you love).
You deserve better

  Three services I offer to help you lighten up.
1. Personal coaching at your home/business- hands on help and guidance
2. Virtual coaching and accountability support
3.  Summer- master mind group- (scroll down to get flyer)  support with a team
                                 Think how great it will feel to end the summer with less clutter?

Yours truly, Denise Frakes
Coach /Guide
Helping you unclutter your home, simplify your life and ignite your spirit 
            Summer Mastermind Flyer- come join us!

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