Monday, August 19, 2019

Give your daily chores a little love

Why do we spend hours every week caring for our homes and never get any training!!!  It's crazy.  Caring for our homes and families is task that lives with us our entire lives!!

My friend recently purchased a new toilet.  Of course you want to buy a good toilet- one that actually flushes what needs flushed, is comfortable, easy to clean and doesn't fall apart!  If you think of its value, consider how many times/day do you use your toilet?  How does your day go when your toilet backs up or doesn't flush?  See my point?

Toilets aren't sexy but they are valuable and contribute to our daily happiness.  Same goes for cleaning, home maintenance and daily meal prep.  These are the little details of our lives that travel under the radar.  Home TLC contributes to our home's happiness, our health, our relationships, our financial health, our impact on the environment and even how stressed we are.  Left uncared for, these life chores will wear on our spirits and natural vitality.  Think about it- cleaning your home every day/week for 60 years... it's going to need a little love.

Cleaning matters, cooking matters, our toilets matter!!!  Spending a little time learning how to simplify, streamline and even share our work is priceless.
              A little vent on Monday,
                       Denise- home and life coach

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