Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Clarity comes from a clean slate

" Clarity comes from a clean slate"  No truer words can be spoken.  Today, we cleaned the slate floors in our own personal home.  I have written about this many times and yet each time we clean those floors I am in awe of the clarity that comes from clean!

   As we move through life it seems we are awake and fully present... until you clean off all the residue that has accumulated. And then Wow!

   When we clean our slate floors, which by the way looked fine this morning, vibrancy happens.  What seemed OK turns in to spectacular.  The colors become radiant.  The lines clear.  There is a clarity to this slate that is truly amazing.  Beyond the color there is also a rich texture.  The texture shows the essence of the stone.  Our slate has no enriching sealers or coating applied.  What you see is 100% slate.  Beautiful!

   I wonder does anyone else see what we see when we clean?

   When we clean out what muddles our lives, we get to see life from a whole new perspective.  We get to start with a clean slate again! This clarity comes with a childlike wonder and who couldn't use a bit more wonder in our lives??

   The next time you feel muddled in your life or on your floors- clean!   Cleaning is an old and simple practice of finding clarity, giving yourself a clean slate and a fresh perspective!   Enjoy!

   As always, wishing you a happy and healthy home

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