Thursday, October 1, 2015

True Clean

What is clean? We all know what clean is!  Maybe and maybe not as much as you think.  When I think of clean, I think of free- free from soil, cleaners and moisture.  Free from anything that isn't part of the surface.  My kitchen countertops should be just that my kitchen countertops.  Granite should be granite, marble should only be marble, quartz should only be quartz.  There is a clarity that comes from truly clean or a residue free surface.

There are steps to cleaning.  First comes the breaking surface tension part.  In your dishwasher you call this the wash cycle.  In this step, there will be agitation, maybe heat, a little cleaner.  The "washing step" usually take a little time.  Next comes the rinsing step. This where not only the soil is removed but also the cleaners.  Finally comes the drying step. In this step, moisture is removed along with little residues of cleaner and soil.  In the end of this three step process you have it- nothing left behind but your surface.

When clean is really clean, there is a clarity that comes from true clean.  The colors are brighter, the lines cleaner, there will be a depth to your surface and a freshness to the room.

When I start cleaning a surface I may think this isn't too bad.  But as I go through the steps the soil and built up residues start to release, I start to really see the soil.  As I continue to go through the steps an amazing transition happens.  True clean

True clean isn't a false shine from a coating applied,  True clean isn't greasy, doesn't have a wax or polish. True clean doesn't smell like cucumbers, roses, pine, or bleach.  True clean is simple, clear and free from everything but it's true essence.

Life should be so simple.

Wishing you healthy, happy homes and prosperous lives,

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