Friday, October 14, 2016

Stress and Joy two ends of the same rope

 Did you know the top remedies for reducing stress are also the top remedies for creating joy?

When we are joyful we are more creative, resilient, healthy, prosperous, productive, intelligent and flexible. The exact opposite is true for stress...hummmm

These two partners- stress and joy are like two people on the end of a rope playing tug of war.  Joy pulls- we get happier, stress gives a tug and we lose some creativity.

If life is feeling out of control- just like the weather outside today.  Your best and most productive way to get your grove back on is to de-stress!  As a bonus, when you are stressed you usually don't realized how stressed you are.   With the kicker being, you lack the creativity and intelligence to work your way out of stress.  It's kind of like being stuck in a wet paper bag but having no idea how to get out. 

If you are feeling less than joyful then consider stress as the culprit.  One of the best joy inducers and stress reducers is going outside and moving!  Fresh air and exercise is a two dose pill for a happy spirit.

As always wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous life,

The Northwest is having one doozy of a storm.  Today I went running in the wind and rain.  Talk about getting the stink blown off!  Fresh air bring fresh energy.  It is hard to get too wrapped up in the day when you are running in a storm

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